HTC One, HTC One mini Camera Fun: Sequence Shot, Variable Speed Video

HTC One, HTC One mini Camera Fun: Sequence Shot, Variable Speed Video

Your smartphone camera should do more than just take photos. You want it to record every aspect of your life, and sometimes that calls for more than just a quick snapshot. The HTC One and new HTC One mini camera can turn live action into an impressive action montage photo, and can record slow-motion videos that bring out amazing detail.

Sequence Shot mode lets you capture a dynamic montage of fast-moving action on a static background, and turn it into a single photo that you can easily share with your friends, family and the world.

Sequence Shot works thanks to the continuous shooting photo mode, which can capture 8 full-size and full-quality photos per second. All you’ve got to do is hold down the shutter button on the HTC One and HTC One mini’s touchscreen with continuous shooting enabled, and the camera app does the rest.

Once you’ve captured your action photos, go into the gallery and open that batch of photos — they’re all saved at once, so you can easily look through them. You’ll be able to choose the Sequence Shot option, and stitch together up to five photos at once to make a single, stop-motion photo that looks great.

Slow Motion

Recording video on your smartphone is a great way of making a memory of scenes or places that are too complex for just one or two photos. Videos don’t always let you pay attention to the fine detail, though — there’s a lot going on at once. HTC has a smart solution for that: variable speed video.

All you have to do is record a video with the slow-motion video mode enabled in the camera app’s settings menu. Video recording works just as you’d expect — tap the button to start recording a video, and tap it again to stop.

That video file is saved to your gallery just like any other photo or video, but the slow-motion mode means you can edit it to add dramatic impact by choosing a segment to slow playback by up to four times.

If you’ve got a video with some fast action, choose that section of video, slow it down, and watch the results — you’ll be able to see all that fast action more clearly, and get the effect that professional movie makers pay thousands for.

Learn more about Sequence Shot and Object Removal on the HTC One or HTC One mini at HTC Australia’s website.