HTC BoomSound: Slim Phones, Fat Sound

HTC BoomSound: Slim Phones, Fat Sound

Your phone is the one piece of technology that you always carry with you. It’s also your music player and your video viewer, but you don’t always have headphones or a portable speaker handy. That’s why it makes sense to pick the phone that has the best sound built in — and that’s the HTC One and new HTC One mini.

Front-Facing Speakers, For Better Clarity

Plenty of phones have speakers on their rear or base, firing away from you when you’re looking at the screen. This means sound is muffled, indistinct, and quiet. The HTC One and HTC One mini are different — both boast speakers on the front; above and below the screen.

These ‘BoomSound’ forward-firing speakers direct the sound right at you, meaning better audio with clearer quality. If you’re going to be using your phone’s speakers at all, having a front-facing setup is the way to go.

Having speakers facing towards the front of the screen also allows the BoomSound tech to provide louder sound — giving you a better listening experience if you’re in a noisy environment, or if you’re sharing your music or videos with friends. Front-facing speakers also mean you can keep the volume lower without losing clarity if you don’t want to disturb anyone around you.

Within the HTC One and HTC One mini, a Beats Audio amplifier and equaliser helps music sound richer and fuller. The built-in amplifier also allows the stereo speakers to perform at louder, crowd-pleasing volumes.

Dual Speakers, For Double The Sound

Audio professionals mix music and movies to sound better in stereo, giving different effects to the left and right channels — it’s part of what makes the music in your headphones sound more exciting, and what makes a movie seem so immersive.

Listening to music or watching a movie on your phone shouldn’t be any different. Yet plenty of phones only have a single speaker, muddling all these complex stereo effects together. HTC’s BoomSound stereo speakers let you enjoy music as the producers intended.

With two speakers, BoomSound on the HTC One and HTC One mini is made for sharing music with your friends. The speakers surround the screen when you’re holding it sideways to watch a video, giving you proper stereo sound for your movies or YouTube clips.

Stereo speakers mean clearer, more detailed sound that sounds less muddled and more musical. HTC worked with Beats Audio on its speakers and amplifier tech to get the best sound possible, and the results can certainly be heard.

Listen to the difference that HTC BoomSound makes on the HTC One at HTC Australia’s website.