How The HTC One & HTC One mini Help You Capture Great Photos

How The HTC One & HTC One mini Help You Capture Great Photos

The camera on the HTC One and new HTC One mini isn’t just about great specs — HTC’s clever software makes it easy to achieve quality photos, and to make sure your shots aren’t ruined by bad timing.

If you’re snapping someone’s portrait, the worst thing that can happen is your photo recording them with closed eyes or a wonky grin. Take a photo on most smartphones and you’re stuck with just the single frame you took — but the HTC One and new HTC One mini work differently.

Always Smile is built into the HTC One and HTC One mini’s photo and gallery apps. It uses the One’s unique Zoe mode to capture up to 20 photos within 3 seconds. Simply select the Zoe mode, and tap the photo button once you’ve got your photo lined up.

Once your Zoe photo is recorded, you can edit it by entering the gallery, selecting the Retouch option, and choosing the Always Smile feature. The app intelligently selects the face or faces within your photo, and lets you choose the best frame for each — just tap or swipe through the options captured by Zoe, and select your favourite. You can even choose different faces for each member of a group and stitch them together into your original photo.

Easily Remove Unwanted Objects

When you’re taking group photos with your camera, you want to have a clean background that doesn’t distract from the people you’re photographing. Zoe mode has another nifty feature that solves that conundrum: Object Removal.

Object Removal works just like Always Smile – once you’ve captured a Zoe photo with your One’s camera, choose Object Removal from the editing menu in the gallery. Software picks out moving objects in your photos, and lets you remove them or keep them as you wish to get the best-looking photo possible.

Object Removal works seamlessly to blend in the background from other frames of your Zoe photo, so you won’t be left with an ugly cut-out or blurry mess – and you choose when and how to use it.

With Object Removal and Always Smile, thanks to Zoe mode, your portraits and group shots will look great, and you’ll never have to compromise on your favourite photo.

Learn about Zoe mode on the HTC one and HTC One mini at HTC Australia’s website.