Here's How Terrifying It Is To Be A NSW Firefighter Right Now

The fires that continue to ravage New South Wales have so far claimed life and destroyed countless homes. The images from news helicopters tell part of the story, but now we know what really looks like to fight these fires on the front line, thanks to a Mount Victoria firefighter's helmet-mounted GoPro camera.

The firefighter, hailing from the Blackheath/Mount Victoria Rural Fire Service, mounted a GoPro camera to his helmet before fighting the insane bushfires that continue to burn throughout the state.

This video looks to have been taken on Friday, when the fires were at their most fierce, and it shows the firey running into a backyard to survey the oncoming fire-front, before going car to car, telling residents that it's too late to leave and they need to stay where they are.

Terrifying stuff.

The Rural Fire Service is a volunteer firefighting organisation that runs on donations, and they have been doing amazing work to put out the blazes around the state. You can donate to their life-saving work right here.

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