Here's How Terrifying It Is To Be A NSW Firefighter Right Now

The fires that continue to ravage New South Wales have so far claimed life and destroyed countless homes. The images from news helicopters tell part of the story, but now we know what really looks like to fight these fires on the front line, thanks to a Mount Victoria firefighter's helmet-mounted GoPro camera.

The firefighter, hailing from the Blackheath/Mount Victoria Rural Fire Service, mounted a GoPro camera to his helmet before fighting the insane bushfires that continue to burn throughout the state.

This video looks to have been taken on Friday, when the fires were at their most fierce, and it shows the firey running into a backyard to survey the oncoming fire-front, before going car to car, telling residents that it's too late to leave and they need to stay where they are.

Terrifying stuff.

The Rural Fire Service is a volunteer firefighting organisation that runs on donations, and they have been doing amazing work to put out the blazes around the state. You can donate to their life-saving work right here.



    Wow, this is incredible! These guys really are heroes.

    "Thankless" ???

    There is no end of thanks for firefighters ... I know it's a oft-used phrase, but rather inappropriate in this situation!

    The RFS guys do great work.

    The douche bags that have not cleared the area at least 50m around their house almost for it deserve it to be burned.

      Dude, you have your right to your opinion... But being one of those RFS members that has attended Springwood/Winmalee I really wish you would of kept those comments to yourself.

      Of course clearing your property should be on the top of your list if you live in a bush fire prone area, however not doing this does not mean you deserve to loose your home, valuables, pets or worse...

      Also just a helpful bit of knowledge, even cleared properties can burn down due to ember attack..

        I said almost deserve and made no mention of bloody pets. And yes cleared houses may not be spared, with clearing though it's far more likely they will be.

        Not to mention it makes defending the property much easier.

          Whether it be almost deserving or deserving, do you not think it's a statement that should be kept to yourself?

          A bit of respect and decorum would be useful from time to time.... :)

            Yes respect and decorum are useful. My first point showed exactly that to the fire fighters who definitely deserve it.

            I do take exception to fire fighters being put in more danger than necessary to save folks houses who haven't bothered to do their part to prevent loss. Maybe it's harsh to say they almost deserve to lose their house, but the way I see it, its a far better outcome than a fire fighter almost losing their life.

        Agreed. In situations like this past week, there is very little that can be done to protect some homes.

      Wok, you clearly are retarded......

        Yep, clearly cause clearing around a house isn't recommended.

          Whilst you certainly do have a point about the clearing, the point that most people forget:
          - 50m is a minimum recommendation
          - the voracious speed at which the bush will regrow
          - 50m is half of a football field.

          Clearing that amount of undergrowth in a circumference around your home is not a small task, although once done, is easier to maintain, but may not be practical.
          That said, when you live in the bush, which is the first part of bushfire, you'd expect there to be some sort of community clearing activity, especially given the very dry conditions and events on Black Friday a few years ago.

          Deserve to lose their homes ? Probably not, and not our call to make. But there is an awful lot of people risking their lives because others could/would not do some basic preventative maintenance.

          I'd rather see houses go up in flames than lose firefighters, which seems to happen all too often due to negligence of others.

    Firefighters - funded by charity.

    People playing a game of football.- government funded.

    love the priorities of this country.

      There is a good reason for this. The job is done by true altruists (and the odd pyromaniac).

      Priorities? Hows about the blood and plasma supply in this (and many other countries) being completely supported by completely uncompensated volunteers? Noone calls blood donors heroes.

      And as a PS - most people choose to live in the bush...

        uncompensated? Dude they give you a cookie.
        Half the time I go in there just go have a sit down and get out of the sun for a bit.
        I don't care have my blood.

    Amazing people in life threatening jobs saving other people from the worst way to die.

    You have my cap duly docked ...

    I fought fires once, out west. Too old and decrepit now to do it. In my last fire I was alone, on foot, with a 25 litre water tank on my back feeding a pressure pump. Bent over to examine a log for an animal and found my head in an explosion of flame. Its very weird to feel very hot gasses starting toward your lungs and amazing how quickly you react. Managed to save one house that day, so was worth the 14 hours of backbreaking labour.

    Was the HTC add surrounding the video of firefighters fighting for their lives absolutely necessary

      It's standardised across the site and I assume there are bills to be paid

    Amazing. Now let's sack a bunch of firefighters and privatise the fire stations. #O'farrellism #Abbottism

      At least #Abbottism involves getting off his arse and fighting fires. But don't let that unfortunate fact water down your politically biased argument..

        Aboot only assisted in the fires after a social media backlash when he calimed that "we" inferring him being a volunteer had been doing great work, even through he hadnt lifted a finger. To avoid to much backlash from the comments, he went out and did a night shift. Which, with all due respect to him being a douche, I respect him for.

        According to one witness he sat in the truck all day attending to photo ops. Not sure how that puts fires out but hey.

        However Ofarrell can get stuffed. He pulled $70mil of funding out of firefighting and is closing down stations. The guys a scumbag.

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