Freebie Friday! 100% Free Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

Freebie Friday! 100% Free Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Download them all without spending a cent!

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Celtic FC Powershot Challenge: FREE!
“a fast-paced arcade football game in which you can win amazing real life prizes offered by the Celtic Football Club!”

Infinite: FREE!
“Explore the cosmos with infinite. Journey across the galaxy, forming solar systems and surviving black holes. Arcade style gameplay, stunning abstract visuals, and a cosmic soundtrack that is out of this world.”

My Weekly Budget: FREE!
“Can’t seem to keep track of your finances? This simple yet powerful app gives you the ability to focus on week-by-week spending targets to help you meet your budget goals.”

Cell Phone 4G Signal Stealer: FREE!
“Want to use someone else’s minutes?”

Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar: FREE!
“A Mobile version of the well-known Indian Religious Calendar Kalnirnay, for Solar and Vedic Lunar Events synced to the Western Calendar.”

Pandoodle: FREE!
“The objective is to paint every spot with its right color.”

Sygic India: GPS Navigation: FREE!
“High quality MapmyIndia maps stored on your device (no internet connection needed!) together with a robust set of navigation features help you drive with confidence.”


Vio Voice Processor: FREE!
“The innovative audio engine behind VIO pushes vocal processing on the iPhone to new levels, making it the perfect tool for every situation—time-killing and studio recording alike.”

Chicken Raid: FREE!
“A rowdy chicken gang is all over the place besieging your property – and they don’t plan to leave anytime soon.”

Call of Mini Dino Hunter: FREE!
“Fight your way through hordes of giant lizards and collect items to craft and upgrade various weapons!”

Roboteer1: FREE!
“Robotics is all about problem analysis, design, engineering, testing, prototyping, breaking down, starting over, redesigning, retesting, etc, until you eventually have a robot that solves the problem.”

Task Eater: FREE!
“It helps you to stay organized and reminds you about important things that need to be done.”

Camera360 Concept: FREE!
“With ‘Portrait’, ‘Scenery’, ‘Food’, ‘Night’, ‘Still Objects’, Hello Camera provides different photographing themes to you.”

Emojify: FREE!
“The first and only app in the App Store which transforms photo pixels into emoticons, creating unique pictures.”

Stop Motion Studio: FREE!
“Create beautiful stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device.”

Begin – Your daily to-do list: FREE!
“Begin is a to-do list for real people. It works how you’d expect. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s beautiful.”

Rage Warriors: FREE!
“Apocalyptic catastrophes have practically destroyed modern civilization, and humanity hangs on the brink of extinction.”

Hills of Glory HD: FREE!
“It’s time to save Europe and make history! Land in Italy and fight your way to Germany to put an end to the War.”

Swift Revenge: FREE!
“Choose your route and show quick reflexes in insane vertical-scrolling arcade levels.”

Apache 3D Sim: FREE!
“Become a pilot of AH-64 Apache, one of the most famous combat helicopters of all time. Enjoy land & carrier combat operations with various scenarios or improve your flight and landing skills in the free flight mode.”


Dark Nebula HD – Episode One: FREE!
“For the first time in stunning HD graphics, optimized for iPad and iPhone 5! Revisit the original 11 levels in super crisp quality AND enjoy 12 new extra levels, never released before!”

appoLearning: FREE!
“Download appoLearning to find the best educational apps for kids and high school-aged students handpicked by teachers and app experts.”

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer: FREE!
“The first officially licensed deck building card game for iOS. Play alone or with friends to battle against the Fallen One for honor and victory.”

Collage Art: FREE!
“You can easily have a new art photo, just need to cut off any part of your photo, and adjust it with filters for making different between this part and the other.”

Gravity Guy 2: FREE!
“The long-awaited sequel to one of our most successful games is finally here!”

ZDAY Survival Simulator HD: FREE!
“What better way to survive a full blown apocalypse than to PRACTICE?”

ABC Aquarium: FREE!
“Expose your child to the amazing aquatic world! Let them pet sea lions, train the dolphins, swim with whales, and even see great white sharks through beautiful pictures, lively videos, spoken fun facts and interactive scenes.”

PieceFoto: FREE!
“PieceFoto] can select different parts of photo by dividing it into many square areas, then you can change each square’s size, position, color tone and filter effect.”

AcePlayer: FREE!
“AcePlayer can play almost any file format movies and streaming directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Shareing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be played at once.”

Windows Phone

“Choose from a range of 101 romantic sms’s to send to your special someone and make them smile.”

GTA V Cheats: FREE!
“Grand Theft Auto Cheats has cheats to all famous Grand Theft Auto games on multiple platforms.”

Tarot Card Prediction: FREE!
“To know your future prediction by choosing cards.”

DualShot: FREE!
“Take a photo of what’s in front of you then add yourself to the shot to complete the story. DualShot elevates the experience of capturing a moment by letting you share both sides with the people you love.”

Wanted!: FREE!
“With the photo-trick-Fun App, you can have a lot of fun. Fit you or your friends in the warrant and thus become the most wanted person. Write the name, crime and the reward, and create a warrant in no time.”

Zombie High Vol 3: FREE!
“The conspiracy continues to unfold in the third volume of the Zombie High series.”

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