Famous Works Of Modern Art Imagined As Desserts

Famous Works Of Modern Art Imagined As Desserts

Ever scoffed over a piece of modern art and thought you could make it and make it better? Photographer Sarah Anne Ward took that thought in the most delicious direction, turning eight iconic examples of modern art into desserts.

Ward, a commercial photographer, gave the dessert treatment to pieces like Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog and Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God. Her work has a little background to it, too. Her portfolio includes a lot of cookbooks and food magazines. So, as she told Wired, she often stares at a recipe so long that she sees art in it, sometimes down to a specific piece. And her food art is not mimicked without knowledge. Besides having done work with New York’s Museum of Modern Art, she brushes up on her art history before she shoots her a cake copy of a Rothko or a Jell-O mould of a Mondrian.

Ward hasn’t gotten to taste any of the food art because she ascribes to a gluten-free diet. So far, she’s made a total of eight examples of desserts, and she plans to keep going with Dalí’s, Serras, Cadlers and more. [Wired, Sarah Anne Ward]

Pictures: Sarah Anne Ward

Jackson Pollock as cookie cake

Georges Braque as pinwheel cookies

Damien Hirst as a Dots-encrusted skull

Mondrian as Jell-O

Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc as chocolate

A Rothko Cool Whip creation

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog as Twinkies