Every Airline Should Offer This Adorable Flying Cutlery

Every Airline Should Offer This Adorable Flying Cutlery

Designer Eugeni Quitllet was hired by Air France to redesign the airline's in-flight cutlery and tableware. And as part of the new line, he went above and beyond the call of duty with a set of cutlery designed just for kids that transforms into a small airline of their own.

Every Airline Should Offer This Adorable Flying Cutlery

The wonderful flying cutlery comes as a ready-to-be-assembled model kit that goes together without the need for glue, hobby knives or anything else the airlines consider a no-no. The injection moulded plastic pieces are also made with recycled plastics that make them lighter, stronger, and also require about 30 per cent less raw materials to manufacture. So conscientious parents should find them just as wonderful.

Sadly the cutlery doesn't fly, it's just meant to be a distraction for kids on a flight. But when you realise what a plane full of kids throwing around little plastic planes would be like, it's actually not that sad at all. [Eugeni Quitllet via designboom]


    As a non parent, I shudder when I hear children crying on a plane. So now I can look forward to getting hit in the back of the head with one of these. Thanks Eugeni !!! Respect to Parents.

    I love it when human creativity leads us back to a basic principle. Give kids something to make, and make mess, with.

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