Commonwealth Bank Adds NFC Payments To Android, iOS

CommBank debuted its new app this morning, featuring a shiny new iOS 7-like design, and the ability to do NFC payments from both Android and iOS smartphones. Here's how it works.

CBA will now allow customers to pay using their smartphone in two ways.

The first is a little sticker called CommBank Paytag. It's a tiny little sticker that attaches to the back of your phone, and allows you to just hover your phone over a PayPass or Paywave terminal to pay for stuff. The PayTag will cost you $2.99 and you can order it through your app. The PayTag and the phone talk to each other when it's stuck to your device, and you have the ability to turn it on and off within the app.

The second option is a little more exciting. It allows customers to use their internal NFC hardware to make payments. CBA has said that it "isn't in a position to reveal which [Android] handsets will be compatible", so stay tuned.

Both of these payment options are covered by the 100 per cent money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

This isn't the first time CommBank has given bespoke mobile payments a crack. It had the iCarte case linked in with the old Kaching app for iPhone devices way back in 2011.

Since then, the product dwindled slightly as the CBA experimented with different ways to pay via mobile. Australia quickly became the number-one market in the world for Contactless card payments, which meant that the bank needed something new. Enter the new CommBank app.

The new app sure is shiny, and it rolls in the features from both the old Kaching and the CommBank app into the one piece of software. A wise idea. The app also now allows you to pay bills using BPAY's QR code features. That's a great way to add new billers to your address book easily.

Windows Phone 8 users will get all the new functionality of the app, sans payment capabilities, CBA told us. Sorry WP8-ers.

The Commonwealth Bank told us that it will release the product in the next few months. [CBA]



    Can't see it on the Play store. What exactly is it called and/or do you have a link?

      Seeing as they haven't released compatible Android models yet, I'd say that its only for iOS for now.

      Seems like Apple in their almighty wisdom decided that NFC wasn't important, so now people need to use a dodgy stick on chip to get functionality.

        yep, can confirm (my company is working on a solution right now. wasted a year waiting for apple to announce NFC in Iphone 5, but it never came, so have resorted to Sim card NFC based solution.
        Hugely expensive for end consumers because everyone wants a slice of the pie (bank, telco who issue the sims, vendor for the payment platform and the security platform)

        android on the other hand, simple NFC payment solution -_-

      it will release the product in the next few months.

      Last line of the article. ..." The Commonwealth Bank told us that it will release the product in the next few months. [CBA]

    Unless it has been released by Commbank under a different developer name than "Commonwealth Bank of Australia", it isn't on Google Play. They only have 3 apps: CommBank, CommBank Property Guide and CommBank Kaching, and none of them have updates today.

      The Commonwealth Bank told us that it will release the product in the next few months. [CBA]

    Wtf, NFC toting Windows Phone here, and NFC wasteland of iPhone gets it?

      Here Here... I've been waiting for a securesim and the ability to make payments using my Lumia 920 since the thing came out.... Thanks for nothing CBA!!!

        Well, at least we have it built in, just waiting to be used!

      Market share

        That's the obvious reason, which I can sort of understand. But at the same time, if they're updating the WP8 CBA app anyway, why not build in NFC payments like they are for Android?

        except that the reason they gave wasn't market share, it was support for NFC...

      It's a numbers game. Android and iPhone has most of the numbers. Eventually when they get around to it, windows phone will be included, but they would not be in a rush to include a minority

    NFC payments! Finally!! I'm throwing my wallet in the bin as we speak

    Would also definitely want to give this a go with my android phone's NFC feature.

    We've added some more detail about release dates and Windows Phone capabilities in there now. Thanks guys!

      At least we'll get an updated app I guess, the current windows phone app is pretty basic.

      Hey man, CBA has noted elsewhere that the sticker cannot communicate with the iOS app!
      If anything it would probably be a decline button in the App that makes the sticker not work

    "The Commonwealth Bank told us that it will release the product in the next few months." That's probably why it isn't available on the store yet....

    Australia quickly became the number-one market in the world for Contactless card payments
    um have you never been to japan or hong kong?

      Yes but compared to the US and Europe we are very far ahead.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a universal NFC standard? If NFC can't get it's shit together, BLE will blow it out of the water. Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and other are already pushing the BLE wagon.

      I like that NFC only works at very short range, and can use a passive tag instead of needing both information-transactors to have a battery. Can BLE have its range limited and work without a battery?

    Adding NFC for a bargain $3 price? That's pretty spectacular

      And you only get an incredibly ugly and huge sticker on the back of your $800 phone. Also the fact that you don't get NFC, just NFC for Commonwealth Bank app.

    :( hopefully CBA will work out a way to make use of WP8's NFC and/or Wallet - I love using contactless payment with my CC for groceries and such, would be frakin' awesome to finally be able to use my phone!

    I smell a Samsung exclusive.

    Ive had contactless payment on my iphone for years, i just got an extra paywave credit card from my bank and stuck it between my phone & silicone case. Works a treat.

    I"m amazed Apple didn't use their clout to get the banks on board with NFC and have NFC in the 5S.

    Hurry up and get on this NAB!!!!

      Doesn't NAB already have NFC payments through the NAB flik app? ( Although they do use QR codes for iOS rather than a sticker....

    ... Given that phones that were NFC payments certified (in the USA) have been around for 2-3 years, with the exact same phones.. This is just ridiculous.

    As far as I know, Australian banks are only doing this because Visa and Mastercard have made multi-millions in bonuses to companies that helped them get their "focus on Australia" movement going.. Which is also ridiculous..

    Such a great idea, such a needlessly long and convoluted process. If something is a good idea, for the consumer or for your own bottom line, then just god damn do it.

    Oh man, I am so excited for this. I use CBA, so I'm even okay with Google Wallet not being available in Aus. The only thing that can stop this is some stupid blocking of certain Android NFC phones, like my N4. :( Please no, I want this desperately to happen.

    Not to rub anything in, but I remember when the 5s was announced and people were complaining about the lack of NFC. I remember one guy saying that it was pointless technology and that no Australian bank would ever utilise it. If only I could find this guy now hahaha

    My bank needs to start catching up, because CBA are starting to really appeal to me. Now all we need is this tech in standard debit cards and NFC enabled ATM machines so we can really start leaving all our cards at home.

    Hold on while I deface my $1000 phone with a 50c sticker. This isn't japan, what were they thinking?

    Sorry for the ignorance but can someone explain how the sticker and phone/app communicate? Bluetooth/wifi/something else?

      It doesn't communicate with the phone at all, it's just a MasterCard PayPass chip with glue, so technically you can stick it on anything. The app on the phone just allows contactless payments to activate or deactivate on your bank account.

    Who the hell banks with the CBA anyway,!!

      Apparently 10million people, and 2million of them are active smartphone users.

      I do, and they're really good. Never had an issue as of yet.

    IPhone 5s come with nfc claim innovation then sue Samsung

    So it is basically a paypass credit card stick to the back of your phone!? ah?

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