Aussie Authorities Slam Bushfire Drone Pilots

Aussie Authorities Slam Bushfire Drone Pilots

Drone pilots caught flying their toy contraptions around bushfire areas, like the one posted to YouTube just the other day, have been cautioned by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority over their actions. CASA believes that these flights are putting aerial bushfire-fighting crews at serious risk, and punishments could be severe.

The ABC reports that CASA is aware of two incidents where drones have been flown near active bushfire areas, and it’s less than pleased, saying that the pilots have breached Civic Aviation Safety Regulations.

It’s illegal to use a drone within 30 metres of people without explicit permission, and it’s also illegal to use a drone in a restricted flight area, such as an active bushfire zone where water bombing aircraft like Sky Cranes, helicopters and planes are in operation.

CASA warned that punishment for breaching aviation regulations with a drone went into thousands of dollars in fines.

The bottom line? Don’t be a dick with a drone. [ABC]

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