Are These Avant-Garde Popsicles The Frozen Treats Of The Future?

Are These Avant-Garde Popsicles the Frozen Treats of the Future?

Whether they're ice pops or flat Paletas, most icy treats aren't much of an adventure. But these faceted vegan delicacies up the ante: They're designed to have a smoother melt and better mouth feel and than anything you've tried before. That's right — highly engineered popsicle mouth feel. Welcome to the future. It's time to savour the flavour.

Kyl21, as the treats are named, is the brainchild of the avant-garde folks the Science Kitchen, a Berlin-based food lab dedicated to molecular gastronomy and foodie innovation. Freezing the delicacies in liquid nitrogen reduces the amount of sugar, far and air needed to hit that sweet spot they're after, while the ingredients themselves... well, they're not exactly traditional. Co.Design's got the scoop that soy and coconut milk were cast aside for rice-based and oat-based recipes — some with alcohol too! And each geometric shape is mounted on a stick carved with a molecular number.

Whether or not the efforts amount to a more delicious result? For now, you'd have to go to Science Kitchen's HQ in Germany to give them a try. But, hey, they sure are beautiful to look at. [Co.Design]

Are These Avant-Garde Popsicles the Frozen Treats of the Future?

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