Aldi Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plan

Aldi Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plan

Troubled times continue for cheap pre-paid carriers, as Aldi Mobile starts the slash and burn process. The data on its once-attractive Unlimited plan has now been halved.

For those not familiar with the carrier, low-cost German supermarket Aldi moved into the Australian smartphone space a few months ago, reselling Telstra’s 3G network at super-low cost. The supermarket chain survived the death of wholesale reseller ISPOne, and started reselling Telstra coverage through Medion Australia.

At launch, Aldi Mobile’s Unlimited plan used to offer customers unlimited calls, unlimited text messaging and 5GB worth of data. Until today.

Here’s what the new plan looks like:

Notice the change? The data offered on the plan has now been cut in half. Presumably you’d think that the price for the service would go down considering Aldi isn’t offering you as much anymore, right? Nope.

The Unlimited plan still costs $35 per month.

Curiously, this is similar to what happened to doomed reseller Kogan Mobile when it started having troubles with ISPOne: prices went up as inclusions went down.

Is Aldi Mobile doomed too?

Thanks to Nevski123 for tipping us off!