Aldi Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plan

Troubled times continue for cheap pre-paid carriers, as Aldi Mobile starts the slash and burn process. The data on its once-attractive Unlimited plan has now been halved.

For those not familiar with the carrier, low-cost German supermarket Aldi moved into the Australian smartphone space a few months ago, reselling Telstra's 3G network at super-low cost. The supermarket chain survived the death of wholesale reseller ISPOne, and started reselling Telstra coverage through Medion Australia.

At launch, Aldi Mobile's Unlimited plan used to offer customers unlimited calls, unlimited text messaging and 5GB worth of data. Until today.

Here's what the new plan looks like:

Notice the change? The data offered on the plan has now been cut in half. Presumably you'd think that the price for the service would go down considering Aldi isn't offering you as much anymore, right? Nope.

The Unlimited plan still costs $35 per month.

Curiously, this is similar to what happened to doomed reseller Kogan Mobile when it started having troubles with ISPOne: prices went up as inclusions went down.

Is Aldi Mobile doomed too?

Thanks to Nevski123 for tipping us off!



    Ouch. That sucks for anyone who is on this offer with Aldi that is a heavy data user.

    I'm happy I am with their pay as you go offer, especially the 2gb of data for 15 bucks a month is plenty for me.

    Though I saw something like this coming when they issued me a new terms of use statement back in September.

    I think I am still fine for my usage. I don't use that much of - calls, sms or data. It is just cheaper than others with decent coverage.

    I tried Woolworths prepaid and was disappointed with how they charged for call rates and used it up in 3 weeks etc.

    I will stick with Aldi for now, very happy with coverage of the service and easy renewal app to recharge etc. So simple to use.

    My only gripe is my in-laws cannot get a bloody sim from the website and the stores do not sell nano-sims for the iphones or newer Androids.

    Can anyone help?

      Same problem. I wanted to try Aldi out on my ipad mini, but can't get a nano sim in their stores. Their advertising in stores says to go to their website, but you can't order them there.

      I asked for their help on Twitter and Facebook, but got no answer. I tried ringing their customer service line and gave up after being on hold for 40 mins.

      Finally, I tried their callback service. They never called me back.

      I've given up. I know they're cheap, but they have to make it possible for me to give them my money if they want me to give them my money.

      You can cut the existing sim down to size if you want. Still stupid of them not to give the option though.

        Thanks, those little Asian shops (if that is the right term) in the middle of shopping centres do that near me. I will buy a few sims for them and get them cut down to fit.

        Can you? I was under the impression from Telstra etc that you can't cut your sim into a nanosim :S If this is so hoorah, I won't need a new sim when I upgrade my phone.

          I'm pretty sure :/ My friend did that for his iPhone 5, but thinking about it, it may be a specific type? Worth looking into, definitely.

            Yeah I think will. May grab an aldi sim and practise on it. Since i'm gonna be needing one of their nano sims and I found out today when I went to buy one they're out of stock, not happy about that.

              Alexanderm is right, there's absolutely no difference in the actual 'sim' part (were Telstra gonna charge you to replace a standard sim with a nano?!)... and as fontgod notes below you can actually buy a cheap ass cutter on eBay that will do the job for you.

                They do free of charge. I enquired a while back, well my local store does anyway. Just now i'm with Aldi and planning to stay with them for the time being, I guess if they don't have them in stock by the time I have a new phone in a few weeks i'll go the cutting option heh.

          You can cut a SIM card down to a nano sim - Telstra does not cut sims within store as it may result in them being damaged and so they replace the sim instead. sim replacements will only be available to customers directly connected through Telstra though.

      Could maybe buy a nano sim cutter off ebay for a few bucks?

      You can get the SIM card cut down, I did. I just took it to my local phone dealer and they have a hole punch that cut the sim down to a nano size, worked a treat, my mother in law did this too.

      I cut a micro to a nano and it works

    Wow all the big data prepaid deals are going pear shaped, Kogan Mobile, Woolworths Mobile now ALDI Mobile seems to be screwing people AFTER they've bought their SIM.
    I've noticed on their website that they haven't changed their 400MB daily download limit either.
    It seems like all these companies didn't realise if you offer customers 5/6GB monthly that they'd actually use it.
    I'm with Boost Mobile and I hope that being owned by Telstra that I avoid these MVNO collapses.

      Amaysim is still going strong ($40 for unlimited calls, text w/ 4gb downloads without the 400mb daily limit) but I'm worried that they might be next on the chopping block...

        I was with Amaysim and the only reason I changed to Aldi was that they use the Optus Network and that is totally useless where I live. If they can get better coverage I will go back to Amaysim.

    I still don't know how Telstra can say that they will compete with the NBN with 4G when all across the board, data is either being stripped down, or made more expensive.

    What the hell is going on here in Australia. It's almost impossible to get any decent amount of data on your phone any more. Why isn't the ACCC looking in to this. The big three telcos have obviously entered into a secret agreement to screw everybody. This is extortion of the highest degree.

    Although I'm not a fan of Optus (bad experience in the past) I'm very happy with my TPG plan. $15 a month (bundled discount - normally $17 I think) with included 1.5GB data.

    Fingers crossed they come out with a 4G plan in the future...

    F**king fantastic!

    Just activated my sim today and find out this is the case.

    Half of unlimited... right.

    I don't think this is a rip-off, but the word 'unlimited' is the new 'cap'. Where is the ACCC on this one.

      i agree, ACCC should look into this as these telcos scam you into switching then up the anti, looking at Penny mobile at the moment with reasonable speed might try for data apeed. I think the big telcos realized that everyone is switching to cheaper options and they are hitting back.

    gosh they just get better and better. it took them 6 weeks to port my number now they do this. def send of my complaint now. cunts.

    The ACCC needs to look into allegations of collusion and price fixing here: at one stage economical data was a viable option, then the telcos raised prices making it impossible for these businesses to continue to operate.

    This is also borderline 'bait & switch': attract customers with good value, and then jack up the price once they've cut ties with another carrier (even though pre-paid is month by month, jumping & changing is onerous: signing up is still a commitment).

    Finally, a theory: Pressure may have come from 'old media' to prevent streaming and alternatives to press, paper & TV ... Rupert - I'm looking at you!

    Current AldiMOBILE customer here.
    I'm annoyed with the fact they don't allow 2GB bolt-ons to the Unlimited plan. Why should this option be disabled when I am paying more ($35) than either of their Pay as you Go plans? ($15 & $30)

    After joining the Aldi $35 unlimited 4months back with a Nokia reg phone i recieved little coverage ..
    After purchase i was told by Dick Smiths staff that the Aldi sim pack was only part Telstra 3G and i needed a new smartphone to get good coverage,which i did and was true,so Aldi first advert was misleading..thats why they have a new Aldi smartphone on the market now,not before,to cover themselves for a backlash.of disgrunted buyers of the Sim pack
    i talked to Aldis area manager of nsw personally who apologised and remarked that a little package was in the mail for me..?alas i a new smart phone?that was months ago,i should have known with Medion in the picture also me,my family will go back to Amaysim ..

    The ACCC is a bullshit, lazy, do nothing organisation with no interest in protecting the customer. After the ispOne/Kogan debacle, I wrote to the ACCC to complain about price gouging by Telstra over its 3rd party providers. After more than 2 weeks goes by and I get a, "theres nothing we can do about it", limp wrested, bullshit reply. So 12 months ago we had cheap and affordable phones and data services across Australia but now its more expensive with less competition? How is this not colluding to bump up prices to feather bed their bottom line? We are fucked in the ass in this country by the likes of Telstra and Foxtel and we can't do a damn thing about it. How about a Senate inquiry into that? Not while politicians pockets get crammed full of Telstra cash to turn the other way. How about doing a story on it Giz? Where's the competition gone?

    what is it with australian mobile services and data?
    it is stupidly expensive! not only that, BUT it has gotten WORSE as technology got better.

    I'm currently on an OLD (maybe 4 year old) optus plan, not willing to change, $59/month, i dont care about the $450 worth of calls, as my 4gb of data makes up for it!

    As if Boost wasn't already attractive enough as the Prepaid Telstra option, now I'll definitely be going with them. Extra $5 for an extra 500MB and full Next G access.



    No one seems to have mentioned their charging of data by the MB even if you only use a few KB's. I'm being charged at quadruple the amount of data I'm actully using. If an app can tell you exactly how much you use then surely a telco can match that level of sophisticated software. What a rip off.

    its even worse now. you cant purchase a pre paid $35 unlimited sim from any aldi store, as they have pulled them. it appears that they may be going back to the 5 gb data on the unlimited so they have pulled all $35 vouchers from the store. there complaints number refused to transfer me to complaints which is a breach of the complaints policy.
    I have been with aldi mobile for two months. I purchased a $5 sim and then attempted to purchase a $35 unlimited voucher. I was advised that they didn't exist. I finally found out after returning home and being on hold for an hour that they do exist and I went back to the store. this month I was advised they don't exist. that they have pulled them and didn't know when they would be back in. so I rang and was told that they are changing them so they have pulled all vouchers out of the stores. and didn't know when they would be available. I asked why would they pull them out why not phase them out when the new ones arrive. no response
    I said well this must be causing stress on your staff her response oh aldi mobile is different to aldi stores I said well that's not very fair on the aldi staff having to deal with the customer complaints in there face is it. again no response.
    I asked why didn't they text everyone telling them. what do I do then so I asked for a team leader. whos response is the complaints team aren't taking calls. I then lodge a complaint with the TIO. I get a call from aldi mobile (ombudsmans team) telling me to try other stores and they'd call me back within 24 hours. then a call 5 minutes later telling me no stores have them (from the team leader complaint I lodged) then the solution is apparently to go and buy a $15 and $30 sim and call them and they will convert it to a $35 unlimited (so I am expected to spend $45 for the 3 phones in my house instead of $35. the ombudsman tells me cause that's there final offer and cause its prepaid they cant act on it as I don't have a contract, theres nothing they can do I should look at changing providers. so after being unable to make calls for 2 days I now have to wait up to another week for the transfer to take place once I decide which Telco I can afford.

    In switching to either Optus now or another company as over been blocked from being able to recharge a bolt on from accessive use. Their new policy states you can't go over 400mv a day 3 times or you'll be blocked as well as 2000 texts in the month period and so many minutes of calls which means that technically its not even unlimited. I used all my 5gb of data usually and now I can't even recharge a nbolt on. Definitely mt happy.

    Guys, going to the Aldi store for any assistance is pointless. Staff are not told the details about products or services that the company offers - it's a streamlined business to ensure cheap prices. Basically if you don't like it try something else. But I saw a woman yelling at a staff member yesterday because she couldn't get her unlimited recharge. If the stores are sold out, that's it. It happens with a lot of Aldi products. High demand and limited stock is due to the very small margins made and the fact that stores are a quarter the size of a normal supermarket. It's something we're not used to in this spoilt country of ours where people in customer service are expected to bend over backwards even if the customer is a rude twat! By all means complain to ACCC about the company but don't blame the in-store staff, for them it's just a supermarket job.

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    liv....go and get amaysim....that uses the Optus network...unlimited calls and texts and voicemail....also 4gb data...for $39.99 pm
    My kids used it successfully and we only switched because Aldimobile was marginally cheaper...and the kids switched because they found amaysim coverage poor in the country.
    I definitely think Aldimobile will fold before amaysim will be my choice.

    Amayisim 100% bitter data have even unlimited any phone even sim card $2 any shopping.

    aldi mobile are changing their $35 plan again soon the data is down to 1 gig and talk time down to 1250 mins

    Before you get an Aldi plan consider this. They charge data in minimum 1MB blocks with a nasty habit of connecting and disconnecting each time data is sent or received. So each time your phone does some background checks (ie. for updates, synchronizing, MMS, etc) it connects then disconnects and you are charged for at least 1MB each time, even though each one of these checks would be less than 15kb. So if you phone is on standby and you don't use it, on average you will be charged around $1.50 per day ($45/month) for data, even though your phone has probably only metered around 1-3 MB of data traffic (this amount should only be worth 15 cents). Now that's what I call a scam. You can of course disable data on your phone, but that comes with associated problems, ie. you won't receive MMSs.
    Poor show looking for another carrier.

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