A Doctor’s-Office-In-A-Chair Measures All Your Vitals At Once

It’s not designed to replace your family doctor, but this sensor-laden chair concept from Sharp could definitely reduce the number of times you need to stop by the clinic every year. The chair looks like it could actually be capable of time travel, but its capabilities are limited to measuring your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and other vital stats in one fell swoop.

All of the data it collects is displayed on a series of overhead LCD panels, while the actual sensors that do the measurements are integrated into the chair itself and its arm rests. In addition to flagging any particularly concerning results, the chair pushes your vitals to the cloud so your physician can examine it without you having to visit their office. And further consultation can be done through video conferencing when required.

Dedicating a corner of your home to this contraption seems like it might be overkill, but for folks who can’t stand hospitals, it’s probably a minor inconvenience at most. [DigInfo TV]