3D-Printed Lens Hoods Let You Stand Out In A Sea Of DSLRs

3D Printed Lens Hoods Let You Stand Out In a Sea of DSLRs

At one point and time, carrying a DSLR made you feel special. In a sea of point-and-shoot cameras you looked like a bonafide professional photographer — even if you never ventured past your DSLR's Auto shooting mode. But these days everyone's got a prosumer camera hanging around their necks, and the best way to feel special now is to pimp yours with custom accessories like these colourful 3D-printed Kapsones lens hoods.

Most amateur photographers don't have much need for a lens hood, but at least they can help protect a lens from scratches or smudges. And if it's mostly going to be decorative anyway, why not choose one with style? The Kapsones hoods are available in four patterns right now — Baroque, Knitted, Stealth and Street — and your choice of six colours including black if you're worried about the hoods tinting your shots.

At $US28 they're unfortunately only compatible with Canon cameras at the moment, but they're just a few tweaks on a 3D model away from working with other popular brands like Nikon and Sony. [Kapsones via MoCo Loco]

3D Printed Lens Hoods Let You Stand Out In a Sea of DSLRs

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