What It's Like To Spend A Year In The Beautiful Wastes Of Antarctica

Antarctica is an isolated, frigid desert of ice and snow. It's practically another planet. And it can be staggeringly beautiful. Ian Hey did something most of us would never dream of and spent a year there. This is what it was like.

The footage, stills, and timelapses cover a variety of events in and around the Halley VI lab, from getting supplies to taking care of maintenance to just hanging out. It's all fantastic. Kinda makes you want to visit right? Except, you know, not really. Maybe it's enough to just watch this twice. [Ian Hey via Reddit]


    The pretentious ongoing fade to black test at the start almost stopped me watching the rest..

    .. Glad I didn't.

    nothing would bring me more happiness than spending a year here taking photos. how would I make this happen?

      Found a tech company. Get rich. Hire a PA who will book everything for you. Get on the plane. Pretty easy, really. That, or get hired for a necessary winter season job and work six days a week, 10-12 hours a day for one of the governments that are on ice, then take some shots in your spare time.

      I live in Tasmania and know of a bunch of people who have gone there, or for a huge variety of different reasons. Just look into it if you're serious, it is a research base but they need a lot of workers with different skills down there and chances are you could fit one of them.

      I work in a musical instruments shop and once a year they come in and spend up big for their three music rooms down there, so obviously plenty of time for recreation too.

    This is phenomenal!!!!!!!! It's one thing to watch the return of light on a time lapsed video but I always wonder what it must feel like to live through one of their winters. I wish this was longer, just loved watching, thank you!

    Would've liked to see the living quarters inside the lab. Also the meals they prepare for themselves.

    Thank you. This was good and fun footage to get to see. But, please, we must stop referring to Antarctica as a wasteland. It lends poor recognition to the wonders of the land. I have spent just short of 30 summers there, camping high and low, working logistics in camps and McMurdo Station. Antarctica is a land likened to no other. It is precious. It is not a wasteland.

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