Watch LG Use 4K TVs To Trick People Into Thinking A Meteor Hit Earth

LG, maker of fine displays and wonderful prankster of innocent people, has cooked up another beautiful visual trick: installing LG 4K TVs as fake window units and tricking people into believing a meteor has crashed onto Earth. Because the screen is so clear!

Supposedly, the people in the video are all innocent bystanders trying to apply for a job but hey, if the LG 4K TV is that clear (and it probably is), I'm pretty sure I'd fall for the same prank too. I've watched too many apocalyptic movies to not properly freak out. [LG Chile]


    I can't help but feel sorry if any of those people actually needed the job they were interviewing for, if it was me I would be cool with the whole "end of the world" prank. I would kick them in the balls for the "so you thought you might get a job" prank.

    Yeah, if you could stop using actors in pranks and saying they are real people.

    That would be great.

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      So true!

      grrrr my missus is in marketing and I say this to her all the time... fools most of the public though ha ha I couldn't tell you how many times my mum has shown me some video on facebook and within 1 second I just say 'Fake."

    If you have one eye (ie, no depth perception) and were made to watch from a fixed point (motionless) you could be forgiven for the lack of sound delay between the event and the noise (did NOONE learn anything from Russia!?).

    They could have done this for real and it would have been cool!

    but it appears as fake as this one.

    a TV is not a convincing window, due to the lack of depth perception, perspective tracking and parralaxing. However, it is easy for humans to abandon commonsense in an instant when confronted with something they dont expect.

      If they had used headtracking they could have made something much more believable however it will still be missing 3d depth. See Johnny Lee's video below for an example of this.

    They should have used drunk actors!..That would have been much more amusing!

    Just like to say, i've seen these tvs in real life.

    you can tell its a tv and not real life because its clearer :P

    also, obviously fake because of sound and rumble and feel.

    The brain will do strange things when confronted with information it's not expecting. I am sure if these are real reactions, it's a small proportion of the people that actually sat down and participated in the "prank".

    That's the magic of editing, you cut out the ones that don't work.

    LG, please stop making these stupid ads. The chroma key is godawful and you're just tricking regards into sending this stupid video to each other.

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