Turnbull Pushed NBN Board For Resignations

The bloodletting has all but started over at NBN Co, with the board offering their resignations to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday. Turns out, however, that the offers to resign were forced out out of the board members to make way for a new three-pronged leadership team with an ex-Telstra CEO as the head honcho.

It has been revealed that Malcolm Turnbull asked for the resignations of the board following project delays and cost blowouts in the multi-billion dollar project.

All but one member of the NBN Co board offered to resign, with Brad Orgill, formerly of UBS Australia, the only holdout.

Turnbull looks set to appoint a three-person leadership team soon, with ex-Telstra head Ziggy Switkowski at the helm. The AFR reports this morning in an excellent and extensive look at NBN Co 2.0 that the other two members will be a former Sydney Water executive and a former partner from the law firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques. You should go over there and read the whole thing right now. [AFR, ABC]

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