TPG Wants To Build A 4G Broadband Network On Top Of Its Pseudo-NBN

This week TPG outed plans to build a fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) in major Australian capital cities for a phenomenally cheap price. Today, it's doubling-down, revealing what it wants to do with all that sexy spectrum it bought in the Digital Dividend auction.

The AFR reports that TPG will use its new spectrum to build a 4G broadband data network in city areas.

The cells would be reportedly small, mounted to existing infrastructure like lamp posts and such. Each one would support between 30-100 users according to executives at TPG and they'd look to compliment the FTTB fibre network in as yet unnamed areas.

TPG isn't able to use the spectrum until late next year, but that should serve as ample planning time for the ISP.

Check out the AFR for the full story. Is this the start of TPG's ascent to the big kids' table? [AFR]

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    The FTTB makes much more sense now..
    They'll also run Fibre up to the top of the building and plant a 4G antenna on top, and the Fibre to the Basement will be the backbone for the 4G network.
    Nifty idea...

    Is this meant to be a telephone network or the equivalent of the fixed-wireless NBN?

    As a TPG customer....bring it on! Service has always been great over last 18months Ive been with them, looking forward to them kicking more ass.

    If this is to work with their NBN varient, I'd assume this would be using a technology similar to, or equal to, WiMax? And we used as wireless access to the NBN?

    so as a current TPG customer will I then be able to actually play youtube clips? maybe they should focus on that huge flaw in their service first.

      Not sure what you mean? I'm with TPG and have a crappy 7Mbps connection due to being 3km away from exchange (bring on ALP NBN) and I'm able to stream 720p from youtube no worries.

      huh? I am a TPG customer and my ADSL2 is super quick. My coverage for my mobile is also great. Someone on here mentioned in another article that they had bad coverage from TPG..Ive never experienced that. Maybe it is because of my location; about 10kms from Sydney CBD.

      No problems with 1080p streaming here. Have you actually called them to report the problem or are you just expecting them to magically know you have a problem through scrying?

      Try getting rid of your IE toolbars first.

        Comment of the day.

      Don't listen to everyone bagging you out, my TPG connection is fucking terrible (max 1.8Mbps downloads), and I've tried to sort it out with them multiple times with nothing coming from it. My mate literally lives the next street over, and even gets up to 4 Mbps. Customer service is shit as well.

        The cause of your problem is in your own post, and it's obviously not TPG. If the difference is at the street level, it's in the copper network. TPG can't force Telstra to replace the copper unless performance drops below a certain level.

        Um no. He needs to listen to them because the problem is on his side. Adware, viruses from too much porn watching, IE, bad settings and shitty toolbars are hurting him and slowing his net..

        Your just some jerk-off who wants to take the mother Teresa approach when we are showing him tough love to actually help him fix his problem. It's nurse nancy jack-offs like you that hurt society and hold it back.

    TPG is really really taking advantage of the uncertainty with the NBN now, and all for good reasons too. I suppose this is what the economic libertarians want: private enterprises building the infrastructure.

    However, the NBN should be prioritised to the rural regions and where there is poor internet infrastructure in new developments, as it should be since private corporations aren't likely to build it where there is little to no profit. (I think this was the original plan after the Nationals and the Independents petitioned to Labor for regional development.)

      If the infrastructure is going to be built in part by private and public sector then that makes sense. The original NBN plan didn't make sense though, rolling out to rural areas first. You don't grow a tree by building the leaves first, it just ends up costing more and delaying revenue.

        But you do need to build the link to that area, and that's what they have been building. Infrastructure can be added in the intermediary areas.

    I am with TPG and the connection is really bad only 1-3 Mbps and a lot of random disconnection :( Any upgrade private or public, NBN or TPG will do me good,

      I live in Sydney CBD and TPG here is blazing fast. I always get 13Mbps.

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