TPG Wants To Build A 4G Broadband Network On Top Of Its Pseudo-NBN

This week TPG outed plans to build a fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) in major Australian capital cities for a phenomenally cheap price. Today, it's doubling-down, revealing what it wants to do with all that sexy spectrum it bought in the Digital Dividend auction.

The AFR reports that TPG will use its new spectrum to build a 4G broadband data network in city areas.

The cells would be reportedly small, mounted to existing infrastructure like lamp posts and such. Each one would support between 30-100 users according to executives at TPG and they'd look to compliment the FTTB fibre network in as yet unnamed areas.

TPG isn't able to use the spectrum until late next year, but that should serve as ample planning time for the ISP.

Check out the AFR for the full story. Is this the start of TPG's ascent to the big kids' table? [AFR]

Tower image via Shutterstock

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