This Innocuous Briefcase Lets You Stealthily Graffiti City Streets

Nothing builds up your street cred like some strategically placed graffiti. The problem is, unless you’re out tagging in the middle of the night, you’re at risk of getting caught in the act. And for an artist like Bob Partington, who works in the medium of spray paint and public property, that’s a problem — so he created this incognito graffiti briefcase that lets him leave tags without anyone realising it.

A custom-built mechanism on the inside of the briefcase lets you swap in different stencils and cans of spray paint, but everything else is done automatically. You just place the briefcase on the ground wherever you want the world to know your name, and press a button. The spray paint can makes a pass across the stencil, and when you lift the case your fresh tag is left there on the ground.

The legality of Bob’s creation isn’t in question — if you use it for graffiti; it’s illegal. But as long as you play it cool, no one should catch on while the briefcase is doing its thing. [Bob Partington via The Awesomer]