This Extra Lens Is Like A Megaphone For Your DSLR’s Pop-Up Flash

It might occasionally come in handy as a bit of fill light for a shot, but your DSLR’s pop-up flash is a poor substitute for a dedicated flash perched atop your camera. It makes sense why it sucks; it’s designed to be small and compact enough to fold away. But with Rogue’s Safari Flash Booster added to the mix, all of a sudden your DSLR’s pop-up flash isn’t so crappy any more.

Using a cleverly designed fresnel lens, the Safari booster promises to give you up to eight times more light from your camera’s built-in flash, without the need for extra batteries. It does mean you have to carry around an extra accessory that attaches to your camera’s hot shoe, but if it delivers as promised, at $35, it’s far cheaper than adding a full-sized flash to your kit.

It doesn’t work on all DSLRs though. Cameras with full-frame sensors, or those from Fujifilm, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus and Sony, won’t produce optimal results with the Safari attached. But if you’ve got a Canon or Nikon APS-C or DX format DSLR built in the past five years, this should work wonderfully for you. [Rogue Safari via PetaPixel]