Xbox One Hits Australia Nov 22. PS4 Or Xbox One: Which Has Your Eye?

The Xbox One Will Launch on November 22

Xbox Social Marketing Manager Graeme Boyd just tweeted out the official Xbox One launch date for several regions around the world. That date is November 22.

Official: Xbox One launch date is November 22, 2013 (UK, Eire, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, CAN, MEX, BRA, AUS, NZ) #XboxOne — Graeme Boyd (@AceyBongos) September 4, 2013

The Xbox One will be $599 in Australia. Microsoft today announced an Xbox One pre-order bundle for Australia that includes a free digital version of FIFA 14. And if you already pre-ordered the (now sold-out) Day One Edition console, you'll receive a copy of FIFA 14 too.

Meanwhile, the $549 PlayStation 4 arrives in Australia on November 29.

So which do you think you'll get?

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    Xbox One for me which will be my first Xbox after having PS1, 2 & 3 but I use my current PS3 more as a media centre than a gaming consol & it looks like microsoft have the upper hand in that regard this time around.

      Yep X1 is going to be awesome, Sony is simply piggybacking off MS communication, everyone seems to forget that Sony Announced they will not support used games on the ps4 then changed it at the last minute. The ps4 is just a hardware upgrade and I dont think thats enough anymore. Its more like Ps3.5.

        errrr... are you sure that wasn't microsoft that changed their mind about used games? I don't recall Sony saying they wouldn't support it?

          100 percent positive, it was months before E3. They said that they (and third party publishers) would have an option to restrict used games...which basically means that they all would.

            Well I'm not going to argue with history there (although I think the interpretation of that is up to you), but if that's the argument to say people forgot Sony's change of stance - you do realise Microsoft did the exact same thing, right? If not worse (hence the whole "Xbox 180" term that's been coined recently):

            In reference to policy changes of the Xbox one: "These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One," Mattrick noted. "The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold"

            If I had the money, I'd get both systems - I see what Microsoft are trying to do, and I think a lot of people saw the "restrictions" out of context of the purpose of the console. But I want a console that's more for games and that has "more" features that will work in Australia, and I'm sticking with the PS4 (for now)

              Well they are saying that digital sharing could be coming back but possibly with a third party company. As for "more for games" I really cant think of any games I would want for the ps4. X1 has Titanfall, ryse, dead rising 3, sunset overdrive, forza (if your a fan), etc etc. Its like your saying that the games wont be as good in Australia but I think its quite the opposite 300 thousand servers, many of which will be in Australia means a better online experience. In other words, if you strip away the TV integration (which Australia will get at launch) and the Voice Controls (which again Australia will get a Launch , just not the Complete Integration) your left with what games you like the most and which you think would work better online (and the controller;)

                Each to their own - whatever makes you happy is my mentality. In the end it's all just an opinion.

                PS4 FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Just kidding ;)

        I think you may have misunderstood what Sony and Microsoft have said about this.

        On June 11th, Sony stated that:

        Our used game position for PS4 is exactly the same as PS3, which publishers and consumers broadly support today. In fact, all publishers we’ve spoken to are in agreement with our position.


        That is, that publishers have the ability to restrict access to used games via their own schemes - like EA already does through Origin for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and PC). This is also the case with the Xbox One.

        Back in May, Geoff Keighley said that according to his sources at Sony, they were planning to implement DRM restrictions similar to the Xbox One (, but that was never anything more than a rumor, and there was never an official announcement that this would be the case. Whether or not that was ever actually planned is based on your opinion of Geoff, I suppose.

      X1 also for similar reasons. I don't play any games on my PS3, I use it for PlayTV and Bluray. Although it doesn't look like it'll do anything but play games in Australia on launch, hopefully by first 1/4 next year I'll be telling it to turn on by voice and watching TV through it.

    It will be a PS4 for me.

      same. PS4 thank you very much.

    Already got my Xbox Day One edition pre ordered and mostly paid off.

      Same here, Will still be grabbing a ps4 close to launch too. At least i'll have the x1 for a week to fiddle around with before ps4 comes out. Both should be stellar consoles in their own way.

    Xbox One for me. I'm a big fan of MS's hardware (like the 360 controller and the Surface) and their software designs (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8). Plus the X1's exclusives are more exciting to me than the PS4's (Below, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, PvZ Garden Warfare). And I've never owned a PS before either :P

      I haven't owned a PS before as well but was tempted by the PS4 as it was backwards compatible with the PS3 library. However I still prefer Microsoft so that will be my system of choice at this moment.

        It's not 'really' backwards compatible. It just streams the PS3 games to you over the internet. So it'll be useless in Aus because of latency issues, unless they set up data centres here (which no one's heard word about yet). Also, it'll chew through your monthly usage limit in no time.

          Oh, I wasn't aware of that... Shows how much research I have done... It sounds like an interesting idea but would be hindered by issues that you said.

            I'm presuming you'd have to re-buy your old PS3 games again also, like the Nintendo classics in their store.

    I want an Xbox one but will only buy if they support my fanatec csr wheel

      yeah they really need to add support for g27 too! My ps3 was just for racing games for this reason, Forza just isn't the same without a wheel now that it's all i use for racing games.. At the very least logitech could release another wheel that will be compatible with x1 this time.. one can hope haha

        I've noticed that there is a relatively small market for Xbox racing wheels...

    I want an X1 but I think I will be going PS4 because thats what all of my mates are doing...and ultimately I want to play online with them

    sucks to be a sheep but its literally me vs 6 others

      Not sure why someone would down vote you for that, completely honest response, you want an XB1 but would prefer to play with your mates online hence the PS4.

        It was coolhandluke, who also made up a story about Sony changing their position on used games too.

      I spose making them all buy Xbox Ones is out of the question?

        not gonna happen...its always been PS for them and XB for me

          Whelp I guess its time for you to find some new friends...

      I understand. I was a PS2 guy, and was planning on PS3 back in the day. At the time all my mates were on or moving to XBox360 so I swapped. Both are pretty good so really not missing out on much, and you will either enjoy the PS style or decide to revert back to Xbox? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      (Only other comment is XBox One does allow 8 players on same console so all your mates could jump on your console- but would want a big screen for 8 at once and obviously need to be in same location to use it!)

      I've got a mate going the other way because he was going to get a PS4 (thought it just natural to go from PS3 to 4) but then realised all his friends would have One.

    I have always owned both systems, and this generation i will buy both systems again, but clearly the PS4 is a better system this Gen and with the value in Playstation Plus i hardly turn my 360 on.
    I'm actually glad MS has Titan Fall as an exclusive, otherwise it would be a pretty gloomy future at this early stage.

      I'm not going to say you are wrong, since it's so subjective, but I find it interesting you say the ps4 is clearly better. To my way of thinking the xbox is far superior and will be my choice. In large part it comes down to personal preference as the differences aren't huge. The xbox controller and kinect are just such a big advantage in my books. Plus the xbox has the nba and nfl streaming apps built in.

      If you prefer all the japanese games, then the ps4 is a clear winner. There are probably other benefits as well.

      Edit: Oh, and if microsoft ever get around to actually releasing that amazing kinect/projector thing they demo'd, that's an absolute gamechanger. I live in hope.

      Last edited 05/09/13 10:21 am

        Plus the xbox has the nba and nfl streaming apps built in.

        These features won't be available on launch here, if ever due to licensing.

          The nba one is on the xbox 360 so i'm pretty sure at least that one will.


            There are actually lots of 360 features that won't be available in the launch window.

              That's reasonable and expected though. The fact that they can and will expand the offering is actually a plus for me.

                I'm not that fussed, but it seems weird to me it would ship with less TV functionality than the predecessor. It seems like they aren't ready.

        mate i agree, there's no wrong or right either way, but it does make for a fun discussion...

        re your XB1 far superior claim tho... to say the xbox controller is better than the ps4, suggests to me you've not read/listened to enough people reviewing the ps 4 controller!
        Re Kinect... I hope i am proven completely wrong... but I simply do not see this being a legitimate tool for the hard core gamer, if they combine it with Oculus Rift they will really have something, otherwise embarrassing gimmick that wont combat the $149 wii they are (both) clearly concerned by.

        Sport streaming apps... i have foxtel for that and the love the fact that when the All blacks are killing the Wallabies i can drag my other tv in to the lounge and play a game at the same time lol. turning those to devices in to one is a horrible idea i fear, especially with the pathetic hard drive size both consoles ship with.

        Japanese games? I'm playing all the same games on both eco systems really (all tho Catherine was brilliant)

        OMG that Projector thing MS demo'd was indeed brilliant I absolutely agree... but you know what a PS4 fan would say next don't you... if Sony do indeed release their leaked VR head set at TGS, then that's your "absolute game changer" x 3D x 5.1 x Truly discrete multiplayer finally!

          it sounds like we are on opposite sides of the spectrum here. :)

          I haven't heard or read anyone suggest, even remotely, that the ps4 controller is better. In fact, people appear to be saying the xbox controller has put more distance between itself and the ps4 controller than was previously true (imo the 360 controller is worlds better than the ps3).

          As for the kinect, I agree it is gimmicky and almost certainly not for hardcore gamers. But hardcore gamers do not make up the majority of the market. In addition, since developers can guarantee that every console has access to it, there is the chance for some very cool additions. Gesture control and voice recognition adding more options to what can be performed by physical buttons. Yes sony demo'd that stuff in a limited fashion this week, but it uses an addon option eyetoy.

    I'm still undecided. I have quite a range of digital games on both 360 & PS3, and I'm not going to buy a new console at this point when I can't access any of those games.

    MS have said in the past that none of the previously purchased Xbox live and GoD games will work on X1, but I seem to recall there may have been something from Sony about the possibility of PS3 games working on the PS4 via streaming. Has there been any change or confirmation of how either will handle our existing digital libraries?

      there is a way to play your 360 and ps3 games on x1, you plug your ps3 or 360 directly into the x1, this can only be done with the x1, I have a ps3 and this and the other features of the x1 is why I'm changing, and I was Sony for life, oops, they should of made a better console than the ps4 just not a real upgrade in my mind.

    Xbox One. Microsoft is a software company, Sony is a hardware company - simple as that.

      Um, it doesn't matter that Sony is a hardware company, because they don't make all the games. Sony makes the awesome hardware, companies like rockstar makes the awesome software, everybody wins.

      Personally, that argument would sway me more toward Sony - they're making the console, after all, and it's easier to patch software than hardware. Third parties make the majority of games, and it looks like most will be cross-platform.

      Last edited 05/09/13 12:54 pm

    X1, I really like the snapping feature and voice functionality/hang gestures, I'm already well in the Microsoft ecosystem (W8/WP8) so it'll be easier to use Xbox Music (where all my music is) on the console and I can natively stream content from my PC to the console with Xbox Video.

    Then there's Project Spark, Titanfall and the controller.

    Both for me bitches!

    Xbox One Day One Edition with Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct.

    POSSIBLY a PS4 day oneif a good bundle pops up. But I have the money put away for both. Had to sell a fair amount of my treasured retro collection to do so too.

    PS4, but probably not at launch:

    When Halo 5 comes out, sure.

    Kyle, why don't you provide a way for people to vote?

    Getting my PS4 via Amazon, should have it before the 22nd of November,

      thought they cancelled all international pre-orders? or you using mail forwarding service? In which case good luck getting it before the australian release ;)

    I'm going for an X1 just based on the fact that Forza 5 is a launch title for X1. Whereas Gran Turismo 6 comes out on PS3 in November. So it will be a minimum of 2 years before we have a next gen Gran Turismo game on PS4. Lots of other titles i'd love in the first 18 months, but probably wouldn't have time to play anyway.

    Neither - yet.
    PC still rocks my world and Star Citizen (Chris Roberts: wingcommander/freelancer/privateer fame) is PC only muhahahaha!!
    ESO will be PC, I think Destiny may be the only game on console I'm pretty keen on but I haven't verified/checked if it's exclusive.
    Mount & Blade 2 PC ... etc.

    I just can't see anything on the upcoming consoles that makes me interested in a subscription-based gaming experience just to have my unit remain part of the community.

    Xbox One for me, continuing on from my 360. Have already pre-ordered FM5 and BF4, can't wait for 64 MP action.

    Sticking to PC atm, but I'll grab a PS4 when the next Naughty Dog game or FF15 comes out. I have absolutely zero interest in the Xbone.

    Xbox 360 - still don't have one, plenty of games to catch up on (hell, I'm still halfway through GTA:VC) and the 250GB model should be well under $200 by Christmas. Woo!

    In no way am I trying to hate on gamers, but I think that I've outgrown video games/ except for GTA V.. (no new consoles for me)

    Got a PS3 with my TV and primarily use it for media purposes (hate the controller tho). Looks like XBO is better in this department so will probably get that, but will wait and see how using kinect integrates with normal tv tuners, hopefully its not restricted due to regions and all that bs that MS likes putting on countries other than the US.

    I'll be getting an Xbone but probably not until a month or to after release. Gots to have ma cheevos! I don't even install non-Xbox games on my WP8 phone any more, waste of time. :)

    There is a lot of misinformation in this discussion - very similar to a "who will you be voting for on Saturday?" discussion.

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