The Five Most Beautiful Bikes From Brooklyn’s First Handmade Bike Show

The Five Most Beautiful Bikes From Brooklyn’s First Handmade Bike Show

For two brief days last month, you could find any hand-crafted bike you’ve ever wanted at the Warsaw Concert Hall in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Inside the antique Polish dive bar, reps from Horse, Rosko, Coast, Ceremony and more all came to display their finest crop of custom frames. For cyclists, it was pure magic.

The Bike Cult Show, sponsored by Core 77 and Cane Creek, was the inaugural gathering consisting of custom frame builders from all over the country. Each shop showed off their latest and greatest custom frames to compete for best in show. Though the title is a nice nod to the beautiful level of craftsmanship put into a specific frame, all the builders in attendance have certainly proven themselves as visionaries.

Five frames stood out to me in particular, starting with the personal road bike (above) of Thomas Callahan from Horse Cycles, who gave us a tour of his shop in Brooklyn not too long ago. Thomas had finished up this particular bike days before the show, just in time to roll it complete onto the showroom floor.

This classy pink road bike was made by JP Weigle. The colour of the frame accented with chrome really made this bike stand out amongst more somber frames. I had to wait 10 minutes for the crowd around it to dissipate before I could get a clear shot.

Ceremony is a newer builder out of Brooklyn, but don’t hold that against them. This fixie’s got a beautiful colour scheme, much like the rest of the company’s bikes, and its simplicity drew me instantly to it.

Rick Jones is a frame builder from Long Island. The vibrant green road frame he had on display was something I wish I could have seen complete.

Rosko Cycle’s road bike was hung up right on the front of their booth for everyone to see. It had some wear and tear from being in a few races but the paint was a fantastic matte red and looked as fast as could be.

And a few more detail shots from throughout the show:

These are just a few of the highlights — be sure to check out the Bike Cult Show website for some additional information. And if you missed it this year, this gem of a show will be back in full force next August.