FBI Admits To Hacking Into The Tor Network

The FBI Just Admitted to Hacking Into the Tor Network

Just over a month after reports of a malware attack on the anonymous Tor network, the FBI told an Irish court that it was behind the shenanigans. But don't worry, it was for a good cause.

The Tor hack was supposed to target associates of the Freedom Hosting's operator Eric Eoin Marques who's currently being detained in Dublin, Ireland for his involvement in a massive child pornography operation. Freedom Hosting has indeed been under suspicion of allowing kiddie porn on its servers for some time now, but the investigation took a turn for the technical when the Feds exploited a loophole in the version of Firefox that forms the basis for the Tor Browser Bundle.

On August 4, an error message started to appear on all sites hosted by Freedom Hosting. The accompanying hidden code contained a hidden iframe tag loaded with malicious Javascript, including a program file named "Magneto." This code was designed to seek out the hacked computer's MAC address, in an effort to identify the user. If you know anything about Tor, you know that the whole point of the software is to remain anonymous. The IP addresses behind the code pointed to servers in northern Virginia, not far from FBI headquarters.

The fun thing about this case -- as with all of the NSA hacking business -- is that the Feds' actions appear to be totally legal. It's just another case of a spying agency doing what it was designed to do: spy. And any of the innocent Tor users who were exposed along the way, well, too bad for them. Americans have a right to privacy. Except for when the government says they don't. [Wired]



    Americans have a right to privacy.
    This is not exclusive to Americans.
    Though that fact has been conveniently ignored by most Americans when the spying was being done on everyone else.

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      Thank you! god damn AMAZES me that the world thinks the whole 'five eyes -ecehelon- PRISM' scandal effects US citizens and we see commentators or so called Freedom groups espousing the dangers of metadata concerning US citizens almost exclusively

      Ahhh people!? We, Aussies or ANY OTHER NATIONS PEOPLE are being directly, legally and completely put under surveillance. Friend or not they can, and probably do, listen to every damn word we speak, type or transmit

      Syria, Iraq, Australia or Israel, makes rarely a difference..... American paranoia automatically deigns anyone with a divergent interest as a threat....

    iframe exploits still around? lazy bums.

    Sorry, criminals deserve privacy?

      Yep, in the same way trolls deserved to be down voted..

      If they have been convicted of committing a crime, sure.

      It's hardly okay to invade *everyone's* privacy just in case they happen to be a criminal.

      Tor network is not just for criminals

      The original reason was to protect human rights orgs operating in the Balkan conflict.... Amnesty & FLiGHT both political and human rights groups that used to communicate with their affiliates in countries where freedom isn't

      As someone who served with NATO in Sarajevo I can assure you that it definitely wasn't criminals on the Tor network that first alerted us to the first discovery of a mass grave containing 5000 dead

    The Tor Network may not have been built for criminals or by criminals but it is being used by criminals. Why is it that the people who use this network don't police it? If pedophiles and drug traffickers and terrorists were to be drummed out, the FBI would have no reason to snoop around would they?

    In this case, good on the FBI, well done, and as for Eric, I hope someone slits his throat.

    if you want privacy then don't use gmail, facebook or any other cloud base service and dump windows for linux

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