The BoomBass Is HTC's New Bluetooth Speaker

The BoomBass Is HTC's New Bluetooth Speaker

This dinky little cube is HTC's answer to the slew of Bluetooth speakers saturating the market — but unlike the rest, this thing only boosts bass, leaving your phone to handle the treble.

Measuring just 64mm along each edge, the cube is designed to complement the — actually quite good — stereo speakers found on HTC's latest handsets. That means that the Bluetooth unit will just pump out bass, after you've paired your handset using the NFC connection the device also packs.

Inside, there's a 1200mAh battery, which should keep the thing running for nine whole hours until you need to recharge it via micro USB. Available from mid-October, there's currently no word on pricing. [Engadget]

Picture: Engadget

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