Telstra Kicking Off Voluntary Filter Trials, Seeking Volunteers

Telstra Kicking Off Voluntary Filter Trials, Seeking Volunteers

Fancy putting your hand up to be part of a voluntary filter trial involving deep packet inspection all designed to thwart piracy? Telstra wants to hear from you.

Back in February, Telstra decided to trial throttling and deep-packet inspection techniques to limit piracy on BigPond services. The trial would be carried out in Victoria amongst a limited number of people who would have to volunteer for the filter to be applied to their services.

Telstra has gone online looking for Victorians to trial the filter.

Interestingly, Telstra is looking to get the guinea pigs to test what the filter does to their overall browsing traffic, as well as their BitTorrent traffic:

This latest trial is focused on how our customers respond when network management techniques are applied in order to manage congestion. Some trial participants will be asked to evaluate how speed differences on non-time sensitive applications, like Bit Torrent (sic), impact their overall customer experience.

Participants will be surveyed as to how short-term changes to the network impacted their experience.

Hopefully the literature that goes along with the trial stresses that Telstra doesn’t want people to download copyright-protected material via BitTorrent… [Telstra]