Teen Tries To Buy WikiLeaks Server With $33,000 Of His Dad's Money

Teen Tries to Buy WikiLeaks Server with $US33,000 of His Dad's Money

The eBay auction for the server that once hosted the WikiLeaks documents, including Cablegate, has finally come to a close with a winning bid of $US33,000. There's only one problem: the winner is a 17-year-old boy who used his dad's account to bid and is in no position to cough up the cash.

After the 10-day auction ended, the server's owner, Swedish ISP Bahnhof, contacted the boy's father who had no idea about his son's bids — there were eight in total — but he didn't sound surprised, either. "My son is 17 years old and is crazy about conspiracy theory," he told Bahnhof's CEO John Karlung. Accordingly, the opportunity to buy the server now goes to the auction's runner up who bid $US32,900. Tin foil hats must be purchased separately. [Wired]

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