Smoke From New South Wales Fires Are Being Picked Up By Weather Radar

A bushfire emergency has been declared in the west of New South Wales this afternoon as four fires burn out of control. Smoke from the fires is now beginning to waft into the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, so much so that the Bureau of Meteorology is picking it up on its radar loops.

The white and light blue you see in the above image are from the fires burning in the West of NSW. Smoke is being pushed out to see by the winds and being picked up on the radar from Terry Hills.

The flames have already claimed two homes (at the time of writing) and multiple injuries have been reported. Our thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to the firefighters, their families and everyone affected by the fires.

The smoke has now enveloped the Sydney CBD. Here's the view from outside our offices.

Click to enlarge...

Stay safe out there, readers.

For local bushfire info in your area, call 1800 679 737.

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