Samsung's Curved 4K OLED Is Everything You Want In A TV

This is perhaps the most advanced consumer TV on the planet, only, it's not available to consumers. Meet Samsung's latest concept.

Remember when we said a few days ago that Samsung would be working on a Ultra-High Definition/4K OLED TV for super-sharp, super-colourful images? Turns out that it was a surprise addition to its IFA stand!

Not only is some of the highest colour, highest brightness and clearest picture we've ever seen, it's also curved like the curved OLED TVs Samsung outed in Australia last week.

The only difference between the regular curved OLED TVs and the sexy new UHD/4K curved OLED is that the latter is not for sale.

It's like when car manufacturers make a concept car to show you what the future might look like. Right now, Samsung has no idea when or even if it will go on sale. It's so conceptual in fact that it doesn't even have speakers yet. It's just a panel with an input. All we know right now is that it's mighty pretty to look at from here.

Disclosure: Luke Hopewell travelled to IFA 2013 as a guest of Samsung

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    I'll take that panel with no sound. I've got surround, I've got bluray. I can use my PC as a dual tuner. I just want the biggest baddest panel without the stuff I don't need. Please Samsung - give it to me.

    to be fair, i've seen both this (Samsung 55 inch OLED Curved TV) and LG's 84 inch 4K LED tv.

    I'd go the LG one, theyve both got black as anything blacks and are as bright and crisp as each other, LG having the higher resolution has the better pictuer though, plus its HUGE. Realistically though, when OLED prices come down, you'd be better off getting an OLED over a 4K if theyre comparitive on size and price purely for the reason that with very similar pictures, might as well get the OLED as their is extremely limited 4K content anyway, and if the OLED picture in 1080P looks nearly as good as 4K you're onto something better.

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      Obviously jarrys88, you didn't read the article very well because I doubt very much that you've seen both as the article is about "4K OLED" and not 1080P OLED.... SO I personally would pick the OLED over the LG 'LCD' version.

    I think I missed a few articles about curved TVs but can someone explain why curved TVs are better?

      The curve is meant to draw you in, but probably won't be a great experience for a whole bunch of people trying to watch the TV at the same time.

    Saw some 4K TVs in store the other day and I must say the resolution is very impressive. Might even be worth the upgrade. That was until I remember how little I actually watch in Full HD.
    Download and streamed stuff is rarely true HD, I own about 3 blu-rays, consoles aren't 1080p and TV doesn't broadcast in HD apart from the odd movie on One.
    So I can buy a 4K TV for about $4k... and then not watch any 4K content on it....
    Most of my TV view is online now, so I'll need better internet before I bother with a better TV to play it on.

    Is it just me or is every single Curved OLED TV being touted as the World's First Curved OLED TV?

    What does "IFA" stand for those of us who haven't been paying attention?

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