Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Gear: Australian Price And Release Date

After its big, brash IFA launch in Berlin, Samsung Australia has finally confirmed the price and release date of the new Galaxy Note 3 and the coveted Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Here's how much you'll pay and when you can get it.

Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 packs a huge hardware punch with a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, super-fast Category 4 LTE/4G capabilities, all hiding beneath a beautiful 5.7-inch Full-HD Super-AMOLED display. The battery is more juiced than ever with 3200mAh taking you from pillar to post, as well as a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera to shoot your life along the way.

The new handset will land at Samsung stores for pre-sale purchase from today (Wednesday 18 September) at 2pm at a cost of $999 for the 32GB version. The handset officially goes on sale from 3 October both in-store and on-contract.

Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Optus and Vodafone will all carry the Note 3 on plan, and we'll update you when we have their pricing.

Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is an exclusive companion device for the Note 3.

The Gear runs an 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, a 1.9-megapixel camera with autofocus, all concealed underneath a 1.63-inch SuperAMOLED (320×320 pixel) face.

The Gear goes on sale at selected retailers from 3 October at a cost of $369. Several telco parters have already been signed to retail the Galaxy Gear, also. We'll update you if it lands on plans.

Will you buy one of these gadgets?



    That really depends. Is the $150 more (minimum) you're paying here vs grey imports online worth the extra one year warranty? That's the question really.

      Remember .. the price difference is not just for an extra year of warranty. It is also for a warranty that is serviced in Australia.

        Mobicity (a net retailer) has their warranties services in Australia. I only buy from the net, why not it's cheaper, as is everything.

          they have a mobicity warranty which still means it gets sent overseas for parts.

        I had my phone with Vodafone for a period before I switched and went outright. I had a problem with my phone, had to go into the store and have it sent off for warranty. After 3 weeks of waiting I finally called them and asked what the deal was, and of course my phone wasn't ready. Finally after a month of "fixing" I went back in and they had simply given me a refurbished model (with a scratched screen I might add) instead of my repaired one.

        Just because it's Australian warranty doesn't mean it's going to be super fast or super good. I've heard plenty of good reviews from online grey import retailers like Unique Mobiles and Mobicity being quick with their warranty services.

        Also, I should mention that since I posted the original comment, grey import prices have been revised and are now hovering around $949 for pre-order. The expectation is that grey import prices will drop faster and that will hopefully drive down bricks-and-mortar prices. The price difference right now at pre-order doesn't seem that much but the experience with previous Samsung handsets has been steep price drops (in the order or $100-150) in the 1-2 months after official launch. Most of those online retailers keep undercutting each other by $10 every week so there's a good bet that the price difference should increase.

    Would be good to know if any telco's are doing a "bundle" of the 2 devices and if so what pricing would be.

      I'd be checking mobicity and Kogan after a month from the release. The price would of come down two. I'd hold off on the watch. Samsung is bringing out version two early next year. It should have better battery life plus some other features

        good advise, but im hoping to get the phone at least by November as i want it before a holiday.
        the watch i reckon i could do without for a while tho.

      Vodafone just put their bundle up:

        Does the screen flip or have they just done a shitty photoshop to display the camera on the wrong side so you can see it?

    Might get the gear after the s3 and s4 are compatible in October.

    Kogan undercut the Samsung official S4 price by about $160. Lets hope they pull off a similar win here. I was hoping for cheaper.

      It would be reasonable to expect the Note 3 to be priced similar to the Note 1 and 2 when they were released. RRP of $999 means you'll probably be able to get it in retail for $800-$850 ish shortly after release, and then likely a drop to $700-$750 ish after a month or so.

      No real precedent for the Galaxy Gear, but $349 with a drop down to $299 after release wouldn't surprise me.

        Actually in USA the retail price for Gear is $299 and recently Aus$ has soared again so what's this crap of $369 another Geo Block rip off.

      Yeah im using my kogan one now. Its a chinese one, they didnt even change the keypad language,and to make it better samsungs crappy update has fryed my SD card and is constantly scannin it for media with chronicly drains battety. Cause: a small current going through the Sd card that causes it to mount and unmount. The sd card isnt faulty because it works on my pc. Long story short dont buy kogan. (Galaxy note 2 Lte)

        If you don't know how to change the keypad language then you are probably better suited to iphone or perhaps nokia 5110... As for the malfunction of sd card slot, that could easily happen to an australian version of the phone.. i don't see how it's kogans fault... but to save $150+ and all you have to do is change the keyboard layout, it sounds like a pretty good deal.. but thats just my opinion. in other words, quit your whining.

          -__- please. I changed it myself. And now i rooted it, so dont tell me to go to iphone. Also its dodgey samsung firmware aswell. google it.

          Last edited 19/09/13 11:21 am

    Welp... I'm importing then.

    C'mon Kogan, save us from markup price doom!

    Unfortunately can't afford the upfront cost, so I'll be getting one with Vodafone probably.

    And none of the telcos with pre-order pages have the pink version! It looks like I'll have to buy outright :(

    Really tempted by the Note 3, but I really like my Xperia Z. The watch is and instant buy if it works with my phone, and can display seconds on the clock face (Very important for me at work and a watch is useless without it).

    Pre-purchase is out on Optus and Vodafone at least, check down the bottom of this page
    Vodafone is cheap and offering a bundle of phone and watch which is great ! Pity their network is horrid in Canberra

    Last edited 18/09/13 7:07 pm

    Received email from Kogan for Note 3 !

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