Robocop Trailer: Why, Hollywood, Why?

Here's the trailer for the Robocop remake. Be warned: You cannot unwatch it.

Yeah, it's got everyone from Samuel L Jackson to Michael Keaton in it. It's also got that exact same gloss and sheen that made the Total Recall remake appear entirely fake, and nowhere near enough of a satirical edge for my tastes. It's entirely possible to make a good remake, but... eww.

Am I the only one that wanted Robocop to still be essentially gritty?


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    I think it looks great, good modern take on an old movie franchise Im excited to watch it.

    I do think it looks exactly like every other big budget action movie, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, I don't understand your level of disappointment at all.

      i agree the robo cop movie was a product of it time. the satire in it was to do with the growing power of corps and corruption in government. i like the modern upgrade to the world as long as this one is relevent to this time with what is going on in the world and society

        If by "relevent to this time with what is going on in the world and society" you mean a society flooded with CG-saturated obligatory remakes that are products of board rooms, then you might just be satisfied.

          no not really satisfied. robocop 2 was on GO! on the weekend and it was all drugs destroying society and corruption in government and political correctness gone mad. this one could go with goverment spying, corruption and jumping into wars without having an exit strategy. spin that around a cyborg cop remove any romantic plot arcs and bam! you have a robo cop movie for 2013

          forgot to mention the poxy SFX in robocop 2. probably good for the time but when robocop was geting thrown around by robocain it was hilarious

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      the movie looks awesome

      but it looks really low budget for some reason

      the lighting look really indy like it was made by SyFy

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    Like the Conan remake, like the Total Recall remake, this film looks like whoever produced this film doesn't get the inherent absurdity of it at all.

    Bet it makes plenty of money though.

    Looking better than I expected, but still not sold.

      Yeah, same here. I was expecting much worse. But that doesn't make this good, unfortunately.

    All these movies are the same old shit. But i'll still probably pirate it at 100Mbps speeds thanks to my nice new NBN connection that's going to cost the country billions of dollars more than we all think. But hey, it's only our children that'll suffer most, as long as i have fast internet today, that's all i care about.

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      dude, there's enough election discussion going around that you don't need to bring it up here.

      Thank you for sharing your uninformed opinion with us. You've at least proved one thing about this election - we all need to vote for whoever is going to spend more on education, because right now the system is failing.

        Okay, 2nd attempt at replying to you as my first reply was deemed inappropriate by the Gizmodo moderations, even though a few comments down there's people talking absolute shit. GG Gizmodo.

        Anyway, back on topic. How can the Gov spend more money on Education when they're spending it all on the internet? The good thing is that once we all have fibre directly to our house the Gov will be able to save billions of dollars on Edu spend by outsourcing to China. Having phat bandwidth provided by FTTP we'll all be able to simultaneously sit at home and video conference each other in a virtual class room type environment. FTTN simply wouldn't allow for that, and as a result keep the spend on real education higher than it needs to be.

          Keeping matters on topic would help. Just a friendly hint.

          Man... somebody call the Guinness records people. We have a contender here for longest bow ever drawn.

          You just get shut down with FACTS in all the NBN threads, so you try to hijack a non-NBN thread hoping the people who dismissed all your nonsense won't see it here.

          Just ignore the troll people.

          BACK ON TOPIC:
          I'll be interested in seeing this RoboCop. Though I wasn't expecting them to repaint him. Although, that actually makes sense. Looks like a cross between Kit from Knight Rider and a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica.

            You want some facts? Here are some facts hombre's.

            "With incredible wholesale speeds of up to 100Mbps for downloads and 40Mbps for uploads..." We're designing the NBN to provide these speeds to our wholesale customers, telephone and internet service providers. Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN depends on some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network. - NBN CO.

            The Coalition on the other hand is promising a MINIMUM 25mbps for all in Australia. Key word, minimum... WITHIN 3 years for $60bn less. Construction in my area for the NBN doesn't even begin for 3 years, and that is in terms of their schedule, we all know how good Labor's NBN is at keeping to schedule *cough* *cough*

            Now, Turnbull wants to build a fibre- to-the-node network, with copper to the home. "French telecommunications company Alcatel Lucent this week announced it had recorded speeds of up to 100Mpbs over 1km of copper wires" - 2010

            The technology for 100mbps over copper has existed for 3 years. So, my logic dictates me to lean towards Turnbull's NBN, it's here quicker and I have the option of linking my home to fibre, and in doing so, access up to 1000mbps (yes, 1000).

            Labor promises grand schemes, but can't for the life of them deliver it. Look around you. We have a government that doesn't understand basic arithmetic.

            Fair enough, the initial deficit was brought on by the stimulus (half of which was paid with surplus left from the Howard government) totalling at $22bn (total stimulus equaled $42bn) but where did the rest of $107bn deficit come from? Wasteful spending.

            Oh, but Australia has one of the lowest debt ratio's in the world. Yes, we also have one of the lowest revenue's in the world. I mean, Apple and Microsoft combined out revenue us, do they owe $300bn? No, they're sitting on $50bn cash. Do you think top tier executives would last long if they were in $300bn debt, with a total revenue of just over $300bn and running at a 20% loss for 6 years running? Nope.

            Facts, bra.

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              I promised I wouldn't but I can't help myself.....

              1. Your first paragraph also applies to the FTTN plan and is common occurrence for any network, I'm not even sure why you quoted that.

              2. Because FTTH doesn't do minimum 25 as well? Oh wait their minimum is the same as their max, because they don't have distance issues like copper. You want 25mbps, sure go ahead. 100mpbs, not a problem. You get a choice no matter how far you are from the exchange (for physical connections)
              Also you're dreaming if you think they can connect everyone within 3 years.

              3. Anything that delays the Labor NBN will likely delay the Liberal NBN. e.g. labour issues
              (You should really see someone about that cough)

              4. Your French telecommunication company did achieve those results. But in a lab, using two bonded lines, with brand new wire. So that's 2 phone lines. They also said to implement this in the real world, all the copper wiring would have to be replaced with new wire.[sounds pricey] If you want to compare lab results, you do realise in Japan they've done 1 Petabyte transfer speeds over fibre over a distance of 50km (

              I think you need to remove the chicken fillets from your "Facts bra"

      im confused, what does this have to do with robocop

        RoboCop needs a fast 100mbps connection too keep running. That and possibly RoboCop wants you to vote? I'm not entirely sure...

      Don't jerk me off! When people jerk me off, I kill them! You wanna see?

        stop commenting crap, or there'll be trouble.

        So what you're saying is dead or alive, you're 'coming' with them?

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      Yea, because Abbott's faster installed and cheaper NBN that isn't fully costed or planned isn't going to end up dragging out just as long for a crappier outcome and blowing over budget either...?

    This actually looks way better than I expected (especially from the negative headline). I just hope he ends up silver and not black.

    He did look a bit nimble and slim... I'd prefer him be a bit more of a tank than a slender ninja.

    I like the look of it so far, as long as its super gory.

    You'll never get a dirty, guts or glory type movie that was the original Robocop or Total Recall or Judge Dredd...
    But these remakes bring a new element and a somewhat different take on the story.
    I'd easily go and see it.

      The judge dredd remake was exactly how it shouldve been done the first time.

      First one had no gore at all.

    If I didn't already know that the answer was "Money, duh", I'd be asking why it was necessary to remake a film that did its job perfectly

    Maybe it's just what people want these days, but what's with remakes adding in love stories where there wasn't any before?

    So much of the story has changed focus, judging by the trailer, that I doubt I'll enjoy it. But then, maybe these remakes aren't aimed at my type anymore - I didn't enjoy the new Conan the Barbarian, the new Journey to the Center of the Earth, the new Judge Dredd, and I haven't bothered with Total Recall's remake yet but I somewhat doubt I'd enjoy that either.

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      I was going to reply to @kazuma but will add it here - seriously give the newer Dredd film a go. It wipes the floor with the Stallone version - much more true to the comic.
      The new Total Recall was a steaming load both in comparison to the Arnie version, and the PK Dick short story.
      This trailer looks better than expected but the main actor looks like he brings absolutely nothing to the table and is instead supported by better actors (Michael Keaton, Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman). Hell they have even made his voice sound like the old Peter Weller.

        Will watch the trailer later, but +1 to the new Dredd. Pure, distilled Dredd without pandering to some imagined need for love or "redemption". If this film is delivered with the same dedication to the spirit of the source, it'll rock.

      i was surprised by the total recall remake. not as bad as everyone made out. i do agree with you on the love story part, it doesnt need to be in there and it will take away from the original msg i felt robocop had

        The love stories ruin these types of flicks especially if you were a fan of the original. However I think they do it to engage a wider audience (ie, females) which really sucks balls for the men who really only want to see action and none of that sappy crap.

    At least it can't be worse than Robocop 2 and 3 right guys?


      I was so disappointed with # 2 when it came out. Some of the scenes maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of them looked like other big-budget sci-fi movies in terms of special effects at the time but these were in between scenes that looked horrible and even had a go at the production company in writing in one of them. I wonder if it will ever get a directors cut?

    Woah...hold up there...the new Dredd was actually pretty good. And mega violent to boot!

    Farrk... no, that's not a remake at all, it's a whole new film that's just stolen some superficial stuff from the real Robocop movie in order to get an audience in.

    I've always love Robocop, I'm all for it... Reminds me of Master Chief S117. Sick as!

    If they can remake most of the good 80's movies then why can't they do this one? I'm certainly looking forward to it.

    Should have not painted him dark, he looks great in his original raw blue silvery shine!

    Of course, this will never be the original Robocop we all know and love,
    but as long as they make it good enough to watch in this age, I will go see it anyway

    Looks good. If you really want to knock a movie, check out kick arse 2. It's such a disappointment after the first one. That has to be the worst film this year. You can blame the director for that. He really hasn't had any experience in making decent movies and he totally wrecked kick arse 2. Shame, I really loved kick arse, it was so edgy and well made.

    That's not Robocop. That's the new MacPro.

    It does look a lot better than I expected. The FPS bit was particularly nice.

    However, when Murphy gets car bombed, it made me miss the horribly brutally of the original. Seeing him missing a leg and wish severe burns in the remake, made me think of one of the worst scenes of the Star Wars Prequels: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    It looks better than I expected. I'm guessing you are just looking for page hits with that title.

    Now see the actual technology is something I hope happens sooner rather than later. I for one would volunteer to test it out... For real...! :)

    This Trailer made me want to watch the original Robocop more than the new version, I shall go and see it.

    Also a comment on the Dread Movie, the new one was much better IMO.

    Yeh another remake not needed in my opinion. I can't believe they changed Murphy's death scene to just being blown up by a car bomb. The brutal death scene of the original really highlighted how F'd up future Detroit is. That guy from That 70's Show as the villain, what a psychopath.

    Every time I heard him talk, I just think "Space Marine".

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