Path Now Has A Premium Version, But Who Will Pay For It?

Path Now Has a Premium Version—But Who Will Pay For It?

Path has today introduced a premium, pay-for service. Path 3.2 for Android and iOS now allows users unlimited access to the network's stickers, camera filters and all manner of other things for a monthly or annual fee.

Subscriptions will sell for $US2 a month on Android, $US5 for three months on iOS, and $US15 for a year on both platforms. (No, we're not sure why that structure exists either.) It will help Path generate revenue and in return offer users more features — stickers! photo filters! — and a more customisable experience, according to Path. But we're yet to find out exactly what that means.

It raises the question: Are you prepared to start paying for a social network? [The Verge]

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