Nokia Just Gave Apple A Solid Slap Over The iPhone 5C Design

Coloured polycarbonate on phones isn't anything new according to Nokia, who outed this awesome burn during the Apple iPhone 5 press conference this morning.

Nokia posted a photo of its bright and beautiful Lumia range along with the slogan "Imitation is the best form of flattery".

Turns out that when you look at the two together, the iPhone 5C covers bear striking resemblance to the Lumia range.

Bam! How you like them Apples...uh...Apple? [Nokia]



    I hope that I don't accidentally buy an iPhone when trying to buy a Lumia. Better sue 'em, Nokia!

      No Ted, Apple will sue retrospectively, they will find some sort of patent breach ;D

    I do find it ironically entertaining after all Apple's BS about black and white phones with rounded corners :)

    Love it.... No Nokia.... Shame your OS sucks....

      Agreed. Had a Lumia....couldnt stand WP OS. Swapped back to iPhone for personal and Galaxy 3 for work.

      To each their own. I've used all 3 OS including Jailbreaking and Android Modding and I can do everything I want and need on a Windows Phone. It's crashed less than my iPhone and Android's combined and there is an app for everything (though a few less "Official" apps).

      Its not the OS that sucks... its beautiful and smooth... Its the lack of applications that drove me away. I will be more than happy to return to the OS when more apps are available

    Yeah, 'cause the iPhone 5c is Apple's first mobile device to be released in a bunch of vibrant colours.... unlike the iPod nano of 2008, or iPod touch of 2012, etc. etc.

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      You realise that the iPod of 2012 looks identical to a lumia, right?

        and the original, ORIGINAL iPhone design sketch looked like the Lumia800. Maybe Nokia are just saying thanks to apple for desigining their new phones about 8 years ago.

          Which was ripped off Nokia phones in the first place? 2007 the E51 already had a bottom which looked very similar to the N8, which progressed into the E7/N8 design having that at both ends, then the N9, and Lumia. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and had none of these design queues.

        No i didn't realise that. Doesn't look identical to me. It's not even made out of the same material.

      And the Lumia is Nokia's? Not the Xpress on covers of 5510 era in the mid 90's?

      In 1903, a new brand of crayons with superior working qualities was introduced - Crayola Crayons.

      a range of colours has never been a new thing no company is copying anyone in that respect.

    Not like Apple have used colour in their devices before, is it? The iMac range in 1998, coloured iPods from 2004.

      1998: Nokia 5110 with colourful, replaceable faceplates. Not quite the same as a desktop computer...

        I would argue that a computer from 1998 is more like a current smartphone than a phone from 1998 is. But my point was that colour in and of itself is not revolutionary and only an incidental similarity.

    Hello Apple 1986, u failing without Jobs again.

      maybe then can bring back Jobs aga.... oh wait.

    Why am I not surprised that giz, who is clearly sponsored by Nokia, are bashing on Apple again.

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    nokia vs apple aside

    the biggest burn is apples backtrack to suddenly offer multiple colours

    b*tch please...
    which colour have Nokia copied from these pics bellows?

    and then...

    So, who copy who again? I think Mokia need to invent more and better than this...

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