Nexus 7 2013 Australian Pricing (And Where To Get It)

When Google announced the 2013 edition Nexus 7 last month, there was no word on Australian availability. Fortunately, that changes today: the Nexus 7 is going on sale down under.

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This time around, the initial sales won't be through the Google Play store, but via JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman (plus a handful of smaller retailers). Stores are being stocked from today, but it could take up to a week before they're widely available across all those chains.

So what are we paying? The 16GB Wi-Fi version costs $299, while the 32GB Wi-Fi model is $339. No sign yet of a SIM-equipped version; for now, you'll have to stick to a 2012 model if you want that.

In the US, the prices are $US230 (16GB) and $US270 (32GB). That converts to around $257 and $302 in Australian dollars at this moment. Add on GST and you're looking at $282 and $332 -- so there's a slight 'Australia tax' on the 16GB model and an even slighter one on the 32GB. Not something, I'd suggest, worth getting massively worked up over.

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    Quite good price. But I'll wait for the next Surface.

      By the time it launches they'll be six apps on it

        Who wants "apps" when you can have a real OS? You're going to be a lot happier once you stop basing your self-esteem on a shitty, closed mobile ecosystem.

          How about a real OS with apps

          You know, Windows before the RT bullshit

            I'm pretty sure when someone says real OS - they are referring to Windows Pro not RT. But that's just my common sense.

      Me too hopefully we'll hear something soon

    Im yet to see any listings on Jbhifi, harvey norman or dick smith. Whats going on?

      Yeah I can't find it either. I'm about to head into JB to see if they have anything out on display.

    Just throwing it out there - PC Case Gear has a 4G LTE version up for preorder for $439 (ETA of 30th).

      And its sold out!

      One hundred bucks just to add LTE!? Wow

    Asus is selling them through amazon with global shipping at the american price with pretty minimal shipping

    Seriously Angus, Can you respond? Why post an article saying something is available when it isn't? I Know you said "Up to a week before they're widely available" but it seems not a single store have them in stock.

      It's "shipping" today. Will be in stores today, tomorrow, early next week. Depending on when stores receive them.

        Then why not put that in the article instead of saying "stores will be stocked today"

    Just went to JB-HIFI in the City (Sydney / world square) and they didn't have any either, although they did say they are expecting a delivery sometime between this afternoon and next week.
    They are taking pre-orders if your super keen.

      They're taking 'pre-orders'... as opposed to 'post-orders'? Huh?
      'They are taking orders, if you are super keen.'
      Didn't hurt. :-|

      Coollukedude: is Angus now your supplier agent, responsible for arranging for and making sure you get delivery? We don't expect much these days, eh?

    I bought one in the states a couple of weeks ago and have to say I love it.

    My only other tablet I've owned was the iPad 2 when it came out and never used it as I really just wanted one for sitting on the couch and surfing the net etc and it was too cumbersome and ended up just using my laptop, but this thing is perfect for me, you can easily hold it one handed, the screen is awesome and everything is extremely fast.

    i bought mine at Kogan for $329 for 32gb version with free shipping a week ago

    I bought my LTE version late on Friday from a company called MLN (after reading reports on Whirlpool forums about people sourcing them from there). They still have them in stock.
    I hope to get it tomorrow (I ordered after 4pm otherwise I would have probably had it today).
    As of Friday afternoon that stated that they had sold over 1200 Nexus 7's.

    Assumes facts not in evidence. There may never be a new Surface, Pro or RT. The only person who thought the current Surface was a good idea is leaving MS, it's unlikely his replacement will want to keep flogging that particular dead horse.

    Jb hifi will have the 4G(LTE) @ $438

    Please stop bumping articles and republishing them if you have not added any new information or updated the article at all! I was expecting an update on which stores had them in different locations...... No just a repost of the original article.

    I was in JB Hi FI in Chadstone today buying some Surface RTs for work and saw them roll in about 30 of the 32GB models on a trolley. The sales guy grabbed one out and booted it up for us - pretty slick look and feel. They had price stickers on the boxes themselves but no advertising up in store just yet. If I was in the market for a 7 in, I'd say I'd probably wait for the LTE tho

    Just bought the 32GB model in Officeworks this morning - $339. Arrived last night but not on shelves yet ! Busy charging it - will let u know how it goes

    Last edited 03/09/13 9:56 am

    Btw - i'm loving it. Have an iPad 2 and iPad mini at home. Played with the 2012 Nexus in DSE but this one feels much better than the lot of them. The back camera was the deal clincher for me. No problems with the touchscreen - hopefully wont be a problem ! Haven't been game to use the GPS yet though - will try it tonight

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