DBCDE's NBN Website Taken Offline [Updated]

Tony Abbott's government hasn't even been sworn in yet, and already the furniture is starting to be moved around, starting with the shelving of the National Broadband Network Company's official government site.

This story has been significantly updated since its first publication. nbn.gov.au is the website that has been taken down. A type meant that nbnco.gov.au was originally referenced. nbn.gov.au is a government website containing ads for the National Broadband Network managed by the DBCDE. Gizmodo apologises for any confusion.

The site -- nbnco.gov.au -- has been shelved in light of the election result, and now redirects to a placeholder page managed by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. It previously held a bunch of information about the NBN policy, as well as ads for the National Broadband Network itself. It now reads:

"Content of the Department website in relation to the National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently under review. The review will occur in the context of the new Government's policy," the placeholder site reads.

Why has this happened?

Well, when an election is called, the Parliament and all the departments associated with it go into what's known as "Caretaker Mode". Caretaker Mode is a fancy way of saying that nothing new will be done or decided upon until after the General Election when a new Ministry is appointed. In this case, it has to be appointed by Prime Minister-Elect Tony Abbott once he's sworn in next week.

After that, the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy will work with the new Communications Minister -- be it Malcolm Turnbull or otherwise -- to shape the new site around the new Government's policy, which in this case, features a focus on a fibre to the node roll-out.

The old policy -- and as a result, the old site -- was full of spruiky references to fibre to the home, hence the need for the change.

You can still access an archived version of the NBN Co website here if you pine for the past, but its now a relic of a bygone age. [DBCDE]



    So this is what it feels like to be promised cake and be offered some Brussels sprouts instead.

      Brussels Sprouts are good for you... I'd suggest going back for seconds, maybe try with some nice White Sauce ontop?

      The cake was poisoned and expensive

        That is just propaganda. Saying the cake was poisoned is just like the time the liberals got into government by saying that labor destroyed our "economy" and let boat people "flood into the country".

          That's not Propaganda, that's actually fact my friend. Labor has destroyed our economy and destroyed our border policies.

    Nbnco.com.au is still up but has a care taker message at the top

    The NBNCo website at www.nbnco.com.au is still up. That's the official site.

    Why would anybody visit anything different?

    Last edited 12/09/13 4:43 pm


    Last edited 18/06/15 10:42 am

      Yes...they accidentally replaced it with a tapedeck and then were kind enough to put a message explaining why they replaced it with a tapedeck... or rather why it's under review, but lets not have the truth get in the way of your attempt at wittily trying to say the current government are technologically backwards.

      Tapes?! That's a bit modern for them! I was thinking at least an 8-track but, maybe they aren't that advanced and only have a gramophone..

        No They are using Tablets.... admittedly they are stone but they are still tablets

    it's the ultimate irony that you refer to the NBN Co website as "a relic of a bygone age", since we are now looking forward to going backward by melding into the century-old copper-network again, which some people may consider this as "a relic of a bygone age" too.

    So...if the rollout was just completed on our street, what happens to the connections to the homes on the street?

      Maybe they'll rip the fibre out of your home and reconnect the copper.

    I'm fairly sure this is standard practice for all official government department websites when the government changes.

    Wouldn't taking the site represent something new, decided upon after the General Election before a new Ministry is appointed"?

    Bet they're pissed they can't act so quick on the CEFC website, despite demanding they cease operating a month before the election. Stay classy, new Government.

    If Tony had has his way we'd all be in a new stone age right now...

    I'm getting page cannot be found now on the gov page
    Anyway I'd only ever used the advertised page of nbnco.com.au...
    That's still there waiting to be told what to do :/

    Soooo just a question, is FTTN a definite thing? There is absolutely no chance we will get FTTP?

    Realistically isn't the govt still in caretaker mode until they are sworn in? Wouldn't doing this before officially winning the election and being sworn in be illegal?

    My understanding is that their policies need to be cleared by the lower and upper house before they go making huge changes.
    Now Mr Abbott says that the senate should respect his party was elected on the mandate for things like broadband. But that doesn't mean that the senators have to play ball with the lower house. Here's hoping they make it as difficult as they can for Mr Abbott to get his ancient architecture model off the ground.

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