Malcolm Turnbull Responds To Change.Org NBN Petition

Remember that petition calling for the Liberal Party to bring back the fibre-to-the-home NBN plan? Turns out Coalition MP Malcolm Turnbull sort of responded to it today. You probably won't like it if you're a signatory to the petition.

In case you're unaware of the petition, it's currently being hosted on to get the Liberal Party to “reconsider [its] plan for a fibre-to-the-node national broadband network in favour of a fibre-to-the-home national broadband network”.

Right now it has almost 200,000 signatures.

Concerned citizen, Phillip Tyson, asked Malcolm Turnbull to "reject" the Coalition's NBN strategy, flashing the link to the petition as a lightning rod designed to force a backflip.

Turnbull responded with a glib one-liner:



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