Malcolm Turnbull Responds To Change.Org NBN Petition

Remember that petition calling for the Liberal Party to bring back the fibre-to-the-home NBN plan? Turns out Coalition MP Malcolm Turnbull sort of responded to it today. You probably won't like it if you're a signatory to the petition.

In case you're unaware of the petition, it's currently being hosted on to get the Liberal Party to “reconsider [its] plan for a fibre-to-the-node national broadband network in favour of a fibre-to-the-home national broadband network”.

Right now it has almost 200,000 signatures.

Concerned citizen, Phillip Tyson, asked Malcolm Turnbull to "reject" the Coalition's NBN strategy, flashing the link to the petition as a lightning rod designed to force a backflip.

Turnbull responded with a glib one-liner:





    I think the key issue was that Labor's a goddamn joke, and the Libs were the best of a bad bunch, which just happen to have the lesser of the two NBN plans.

      The Labor party wasn't the issue the two wankers running both parties was..! Labor achieved some excellent reforms including the NBN. It was Abbotts constant negativity that degraded what was a hard fighting minority government. He was practically slathering at the thought of getting the big boys chair. Now that he's in, I guarantee he'll take a leaf out of Campbells big book of bullshit...!

        Which great reform/s did you mean - FuelWatch, GroceryWarch, Petrol Commissioner, 2020 Summit, border protection, insulation, "green" schemes, SuperClincs, paying a bonus to nurses to return to public hospitals, $70m to Toyota, MRRT . . . . ?

        Or did you mean Gonski, which is funded at merely 4% or NDIS which is basically unfunded - all because the money is already spent!

          The Timms are right: It was the best of what was left to be vote on by a voting public who felt nothing but disdain for everyone in politics. This was an unholy bloodletting that needed to happen. The ALP needed to take a severe beating to get themselves together and sort out their internal BS. And, as much as it kills me to say this, Australia needs Tony Abbott if for no other reason than to witness this utterly inept man embarrass us on the world stage, break his promises or attempt to worm out of them in the most sleazy way possible and so we can be reminded of the crap the Coalition pulled last time around so as to motivate the voting public into being less apathetic at the next election. Hopefully, this huge step backward we're about to take with this government will inspire us to two take two big steps forward by ousting them at the next election.

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        It was coalition policy to stop everything that Labor tried to do. There were so many negative policies that the NBN was lost in the noise, so there is absolutely no mandate for stopping anything.

      Well I hope the Coalition do continue with FTTN - then all those people stupid enough to vote for them will get exactly what they deserve. If you wanted FTTP then you should have voted Labor. What, you mean you actually believed all that stuff in the media about how fantastic the Coalition are?

        The Coalition are not fantastic and they will do little more than aspire to mediocrity. The trouble is that mediocrity is multiple levels above the incompetence and waste of Labor.

        I voted Labor, and I want fucking FTTP.

          You were one of the 33.8% who liked KRUDD/Julia Gillard/KRUDD, finally someone who admits to actually voting Labor, it's taken 6 years and 2 elections.

          To misappropriate KRUDDs lengthy concession speech, we won you lost, GFY.

      I dunno how many times stupid voters are going to keep yo yoing between the 2 preferred parties, with this Idea its going to be different this time. we do this every fucking election. 1 party screws the country, so we vote in the other one, to screw us again and to break promises. then we vote in the original party that screwed us over first! When will people learn that this is not democracy. this is voting in a party that doesnt take orders. and has ZERO accountability until the federal election 2-4 years after we are screwed.

        Well said and totally accurate.

        Naive rubbish! Politics is about tricking the most interest groups, and no party can fool all of them. We had one party that was trying to do great things in health, education and communications and another party that was trying to stop them, mostly because of a simplistic and grossly wrong understanding of economics. We could actually afford those wonderful Labor initiatives because growth is much more relevant than a deficit. If we accept what they said then the Negative Parties in their daily shills repeatedly attempted to use projections of gross debt to show how sick the economy is now relative to many years ago when they ran it. That was just plain incorrect analysis, and if Hockey understood that he was being disingenuous. That's an F minus, failure Joe. You have a good education and can do better than that, but you cannot be treasurer. The media let us down for not tearing them all apart for trying to fool us with such bogus hockeynomics.
        There was no budget crisis. With our demographics, Australia needs a fast internet more than any other country on the planet. And, our borders were never in any real danger.

      Labor were fine. The trouble was the Murdoch controlled press convincing our increasingly backward, embarrassing, credulous populous of the childish, backward right wing agenda.

        x2, the Labor party were great and did a lot for a minority govt. Rudd and Gillard were "celebrity politicians" and a joke at it, and now the whole country has fallen for it again with Abbott.

      Time for you to find out that that the liberals aren't the best of a bad bunch.

      Tony gave Mal the Crappy NBN Policy to push as a clever way to make his rival even less popular than he is himself. It's working. Brilliant!

    Right, labor was a joke, thats why our economy is one of the only ones in the world not currently smashed down with chained non growth periods and has a single digit unemployment rate in a world hitting 20's and 30's elsewhere.

      Yeah, 'cause that had nothing to do with what Johnnie Howard did during his two term stint. You think Australia's economy is all due to Labor in the past 6 years? Please.

        You mean Keatings good work? Because Howard did nothing, right? Right.

      No, we had strong banks, negligible debt and tight regulations. One of the more positive things the Howard government was able to achieve at the loss of a lot of our public infrastructure to private entities. Turnbull doesn't know what he's doing, though. Even after a cost benefit analysis, it's impossible to place the Coalition NBN in a good light when stacked up against Labor's NBN. Anyone with a working knowledge of the technologies behind the networks will tell you that without batting an eyelid.

    what timmyo said...

    he is trying to say we he was put in to power only on his Superior NBN plan

    Yeah come on Malcolm! The average Australian did NOT vote for the coalition as they didn't want Labor's NBN. They voted due to the other things you campaigned about, including the wonderful picture you guys painted about how toxic the Labour government supposedly was.

    That's just a cop out answer which disregards us Australians thoughts!!

    Malcolm, the general Australian public wouldn't have a clue about the difference between your FTTN plan and Labor's FTTP plan. I'd actually be surprised if the majority of Australian voters even knew what the NBN was. The reason the Liberals won was NOT because you had a superior NBN plan, it was because people had had enough of Labor's infighting (and your "stop the boats" rhetoric which appealed to the lowest common denominator). You're a smart man, just admit what every technologically literate person already knows: Labor's NBN plan would both lead to superior performance and be cheaper to maintain in the long run.

      This elitist attitude that everyone who is for the NBN or didn't vote for the coalition is somehow more intelligent or smarter is rubbish and insulting. You are not smarter or superior because you agree with one side over the other. The general public is not stupid, guess what, you are part of the general public too, everyone had a vote on what they preferred and this is it. The superiority attitude is so typical and is getting extremely tiring. Also there were plenty of other reasons to vote other than the NBN, the election was not for the NBN alone, although reading this site you would think that is the only issue that matters.

        Actually if you look at the education levels of electorates and their voting you do notice a substantial trend...I'll give you a hint the most educated electorate is Melbourne and the lowest are generally rural.

        You are right about one thing though...the NBN wasn't the only policy and the fact broadband didnt make their 6 point plan kind of flies in the face of turnbulls 'key policy' statement.

          Infact according to its not even in their 12 point plan. Not only that they didn't release costings for their NBN before the election so i fail to see how it could possibly be a key policy, if they don't take it seriously.

          And now Indonesia is rejecting buy the boats, their 'other key policy' will not happen (as if they ever thought it would), i guess that means since they cant deliver on a promise we need a new election.

            Now, they did say a 'no surprises, no promises' government, right?

        I'd argue the general public is stupid.

          And its that attitude to the people who pay the taxes that got the smart trendy inner-city lefties turfed out on their ear (read Labor & Greens). The left wing vote has collapsed over the last 6 years, it doesn't matter how you spin it the Greens lost 25% of their vote nationally and Labor is at its lowest primary vote in over 100 years. It is you who believe that your opinion and only your opinion is right who are less than intelligent.

          As they say in the classics "Opinions are like bottoms, everybody has one"

          Labor won 83 seats in 2007, 72 seats in 2010 and 54 seats in 2013 , so in 4 years Tony Abbot has seen off 3 Prime Ministers and 29 Labor members of Parliament - Kind of makes you think there is a bit more to the election than the NBN.

          NBN is a sideshow to the real action. Getting rid of $300Bn in debt, unless of course you have some magic money tree we can use to pay it off, is critical to the health and future prosperity of Australia. Australia's debt is growing faster than the Debt of Greece, Ireland, Spain etc when the IMF and the EU had to start bailing them out with severe austerity measures that have killed their respective economies. I am sorry the path to FTTP will be slowed, but you know when you want to clear your debts you have to start living within your means to have the cash to repay your debts. I'd rather have little national debt owed to the Saudi's and China than the world's best and fastest internet connection to the Australian Telecoms border.

        All Mal really knows is why he voted the way he did. May we assume from his statement that he only voted for destroying the NBN? Perhaps he really did. He is not stupid enough to want to abandon the environment to Mars like destruction through man made carbon, let miners take off with super profits from our minerals, or to continue the dumbing down of our youth. So maybe this issue looks really simple to him. Short terms gains during his watch instead of long term gains for other governments in the future. FU Australia, I'm rich, OK?

      unfortunately while that may be true, it's also something that we can't afford right now. A ferrari would give me superior performance over a toyota. But a toyota still gets the job done for a fraction of the cost.

      But you also bring up a good point, the general Australian public's stance to the NBN is one of apathy. Which means it's really not all that important.

        We can afford it..we are essentially the richest country in the world and a whole lot of countries poorer than us are doing it. Including NZ. Doesn't that make us look pathetic.
        Your analogy is bad as the NBN is the road not the car...but in any event it's a choice between a Ferrari and a clapped out Datsun that costs almost as much as a Ferrari. $30B vs $40B. Not a lot of difference there.

        you should watch this‎

        Its not that we can't afford it now, its that we cant afford it later should FTTN is implemented. For example australian power infrastructure when it comes to above ground power-lines is our worst and will be for a long time infrastructure decision in our history. Sure it was cheaper then underground, but they never considered the fact that Australia is prone to bush fires and that now we have to spend trillions of dollars to fix it over a very long time. Data usage is rapidly growing and its not just watching tv over the internet or searching facebook, its the ability to transfer your growing data collection around the country, connect schools to students, hospitals to patients, allow business's to set up away from cbd and allow innovation to be frosted by the fact every australian has fibre connected to their premise.

        You do realise it'll be cheaper to do it now than in 20 years, where it'll cost 100 or 200 billion? Instead of costing more money to implement then we could of been economically benefitting from it in the meantime which blows out the cost difference even more.

      "Malcolm, the general Australian public wouldn't have a clue about the difference between your FTTN plan and Labor's FTTP plan"

      In electorates such as New England and Cowper (Coffs Harbour area), the NBN is well understood and yet voters turned to the Coalition.

      There is no doubt that Labor's NBN plan is superior, but Labor are incompetent and wasteful beyond words.

        Why not? They already got their NBN.

    Fibre to the home doesn't make any more sense than building a six lane highway to your front door.

    A home has an average of (say) 3 people, and there's a limit to the amount of information they can consume. So what if you can download 10 movies in a matter of seconds, how long is it going to take you to watch them?

    That would be like getting your groceries from Woollies in semi-trailer loads.

    And who wants to use a landline anyway? By the time the NBN's finished (whichever way they do it) there won't be too many landlines left. Instead of digging expensive ditches they should divert the money where it's needed.

      You won't download films at all - you'll stream them in 4K. Have three or four people doing that, maybe one person uploading in 4K, and wham, there's your FTTP justified.

      Why do those who understand nothing continue to try and pretend they understand. The libs plan won't support a single 4k in the shops right now won't be in 10 years?

      Everyone will use a landline because they want bandwidth. Look at the usage's a stable growth and its not about to drop off.

      A 4k stream even under extreme compression like REDRAY still takes between 20 - 30Mbps so what?... If someone's watching IPTV you cant use the phone or the internet for browsing? Sounds similar to the old dialup days when someone picked up the phone and you were trying to load a webpage...

      This is only with current uses and not even accounting for what happens if you add an additional IPTV into your house or incorporate more devices into your home network, take a look at the following video by verizon:

      Now imagine over 50% of houses using that tech (perhaps more tech then even the video details)... how much bandwidth do you think would copper loops (which cannot be unbundled as Malcolm stupidbull has suggested) need to provide? The answer is simple... COPPER CANNOT IN ANY CAPACITY PROVIDE THAT BANDWIDTH, ONLY FIBRE TRUNKS AND ACCESS LINES CAN.

      There is no choice left but fibre even turnbull himself admitted that FTTN is a stopgap solution.

      Oh and wireless will NEVER be true competition for FTTH, the contention ratio on wireless by comparison is just stupid. And unless quantum entanglement networking (true mobile solution) is perfected in the next decade (which i cant see happening) fixed line will be around for at least another 30 - 40 years perhaps more.

      Ducati, you lack of knowledge anything technical is evident.

    simple, put it to a vote for the australian public to choose which nbn plan they would prefer and it will show you that their nbn plan was not why people voted for them.

    I would not hold my breath, he has shown little honesty or commonsense regarding the NBN, from NBN MYTHS

    "There are a number of myths Malcolm has presented in relation to the “need for speed”. In 2010 he infamously announced that “12Mbps is enough for any application”, which quickly drew ridicule from assorted commentators.

    More recently, Malcolm was caught out fudging the figures on the takeup of 100Mbps services in Korea. He posted a blog entry claiming that Korea had lost its appetite for 100Mbps and that subscribers had declined by some 70,000. He used this information as a source of FUD against our NBN, claiming it demonstrated there would be no desire for the NBN’s superfast speeds in Australia. It didn’t take long before the truth came out though, when The Register revealed that far from declining, the total market for 100Mbps connections in Korea grew by an impressive 850,000 connections (14%) over the preceding 12 months. Turns out Turnbull had based his blog on the data from a single carrier, which had simply lost 100Mbps customers to its competitors. Further evidence came from the USA, where data showed 100Mbps connections grew 144% between 2010 to 2011, following an incredible increase of 868% between 2009 and 2010."

    The level of stupidity to waste so much Tax payers money on a system that will be out dated at completion and will require expensive maintenance and almost imediately a rebuild at massive cost.

    Yes there was an election recently, one in which Labour got more first preferences than Liberal:
    Labour: 3,785,370
    Liberal: 3,570,578

    As of 6PM today.

    Last edited 12/09/13 6:13 pm

      Shhhhhhhhhhhh you're exposing a broken electorial system...

        That's not broken. Preferences make way more sense than "oh, you voted for someone that didn't stand a chance because you actually thought they'd represent your electorate well, and you agreed with their ideas. Then your vote doesn't count!"

      Where'd you find this out?

        But the above breakdown is the count of primary votes for Labor and Liberal. The clincher is that the conservatives have a coalition of Liberal and National parties, and the LNP, and that brings them up to about 45%, compared to the Labor's 33.78%

        Having said that, I still think Malcolm should revisit the NBN decision.

        My Guess would be here

        Labor ALP 3,792,836 33.8
        Liberal LIB 3,583,915 31.9
        Liberal National LNP 994,290 8.8
        National NAT 500,417 4.5
        Country Liberal CLP 39,339 0.4
        Green GRN 936,424 8.3
        Katter's Australia KAP 113,958 1.0
        Palmer United PUP 620,914 5.5
        Family First FFP 152,886 1.4
        Others OTH 501,036 4.5

          Does this mean that if every single person had voted below the line, the ALP would have won? Or have I misunderstood?

          Edit: just realised those are individual party numbers, not coalition.

          Last edited 12/09/13 7:10 pm

            The white ballot (where you can vote "below the line") is for the upper house (Senate). The point is that the deciding factor in the election (for the prime minister and his party) is number of seats in the lower house - even if that means the losing party has more votes overall. This is the point blake is making.

              This reminds me of this year's Malaysian General Election where 60% of total votes goes to the opposition but the government stayed due to strategic electorate distribution

          If you have a look through the AEC

          You'll see the same numbers for the national counts, but if you add up the individual states you'll find the liberal vote is about 1million higher than is shown on the national total.
          In fact the only place where Labor got a higher vote was in the ACT.

            You are ignoring the 4-5% swing to ALP in Gilmore (Kiama NBN complete etc)

              The NBN is not complete in Kiama. Wouldn't be surprised if you find kiama is prominently liberal anyways. Gilmore ad a much liked liberal candidate and retire and a unknown newcomer. Had a very favorable re-distribution in labors favor before last election. Not really much to do with the NBN. I live in the electorate.

      Umm... nice try...

      Australian Labor Party: 3,785,801
      Liberal: 3,571,230
      Liberal National Party: 992,372
      The Nationals: 498,342

      Hard to ignore a 1.2m vote majority.

        Why not...we ignore 1M greens voters because they aren't clumped together :p (except in Melbourne)

      ??? That's Labor vs Liberal - not vs Coalition. Labor has had the lowest primary vote since WWII. The results are Labor 3,792,836 vs LNP 5,117,961 primary vote (at 6.40pm 12.09.13)

      Would live to see where you got that statistic...

      You know very well that it is a Liberal-Nationals COALITION and that their combined vote is higher than that of Labor.

        lol. I'm not sure if @blake meant it or not, but going by his 'Up Votes', he has just inadvertently highlighted the amount of ignorant commenters around here.

        Last edited 12/09/13 8:54 pm

          I upvoted....because I thought it was funny....not sure if they were saying it in jest or not, but that's how I took it.

      You're an idiot. If you include the Liberal, Liberal National, The Nationals and the Country Nationals, all of which are the same party, the Liberals won with 5,122,547 to ALP's 3,794,633.

      Australian Labor Party 3,794,633 33.75 -4.24
      Liberal 3,585,898 31.89 +1.43
      Liberal National Party 995,026 8.85 -0.27
      The Nationals 502,194 4.47 +0.74
      Country Liberals (NT) 39,339 0.35 +0.04


        They are different parties.

        Regarding the percentage of votes ALP beats Liberal every time.

        Every Coalition Government has by definition been a "Minority" Government governing with the support of the National party, not so different from our last more honest government.

        OH!! did not Mr Abbot say he would never enter into a minority Government??

      Nice spin. The Nationals are in a formal coalition with the Liberal Party. They don't run candidates against each other. In Queensland they are even one party LNP. Add them all together and they spanked Labor.

      And the Nationals, in coalition with the Liberals, got another million or so votes.

      However, first preferences are meaningless as it ignores the wishes of all those people who would rather have NEITHER major party, but when forced to choose between the two have a definite preference.

      On that basis the Coalition got about 55% of the vote and Labor about 45%. There has not been any election since before 1949 where one party got less than 43% of the vote on a two party basis. Essentially Aussie politics is driven by the 7% swing either way.

      In any case the fact that the Coalition won does not mean that Australia as a whole wanted all their policies. If you ask the people who actually know something about the technology you'll have trouble finding many who prefer the coalition "two thirds the price for one tenth the capability" plan over the original NBN.

      Eh... preaching to the choir.

    What a political idiot.

    Not everyone who voted for you agrees 100% totally with political policies... and you are not there to just represent the people who voted for you, your their for every australian.

    We didnt get to vote on the NBN Policy, we got to vote on which party had the best collection of policies and people. People can still be against one of your policies and still vote for you, because they could of disagreed with more of labours policies than yours... or just hated Kevin Rudds smug face.

    I wish I could of put on my Ballot "Vote 1: Liberals with Labours NBN policy intact"... you would of got more votes imo.

    Also you didnt get the landslide victory your party wanted and your starting your first Liberal controlled term in Government this modern century. Start acting like your for the people, and not in it for youselves, you government puppet.

    Fibre Networks is the most important infrastructure development for any major country, and your reducing the speed of the internet by 75% to save 25% of the budget, which is like $300 per tax payer... and at the end of the day, only the rich will benefit cause they can afford the $$$thousands for Fibre to Node extra charges.

    Seriously, why do they make old farts like him communication leaders.

    You cannot pick individual policies at an election

      for choice on 1 policy, you need 2 parties. For 2 policies, you need 4 parties (NN, NY, YN, YY).
      By the time you get: "carbon tax, gay marriage, NBN, & Stop the Boats" you'd need 16 parties before election results became a valid indicator of the people's preferences.

    excellent reforms? didn't most of the stuff they implemented either failed, went overbudget and failed or they "changed their mind" about it? The only thing they actually achieved was allow the unions to run rampant over both big and small business.

    If you want to support Tony’s mandate and show support for the FTTN NBN is just as big as Labours plan then sign the pro Liberal FTTN petition!

      Why would anyone support this? Clearly the FTTP model is cheaper (due to maintenance) by the time its finished and far more effective in the long term. Why would you rebuild half of a rusty, inefficient, unreliable engine when for 1/3 more you could install a new, efficient, reliable one?

      EDIT: After visiting the petition, I see what you did there.

      Last edited 12/09/13 9:39 pm

      Brilliant, although it would really need to get mainstream media attention for it to be truely useful otherwise they could say that no-one knew about the poll and thats the reason behind the low votes. Perhaps send it directly to Giz to see if they will run an article about it and maybe other news outlets will pick up on the story.

    So you can now see who you voted in.
    The true liberals are now the ALP, you voted in the extreme right wing, hence you, Philip, i and anyone else is just a pawn and hence your reply is just ' shoo fly'

    Malcolm has said in the past that he prefers labours nbn

    Either Malcom Turnbull has no idea about how the electoral system works in this country or he's being completely disingenuous. My money is on him being a smarmy prick.

      Unfortunately he's just towing the party line. He wont deviate from it, because the entire reason Liberal got in was on the "we'll do what we say and not infight" card.

    ahh Luke give up with these articles, we get it, you get paid by article views... Stop trolling if you ever want to be respected as a journalist.

      I don't get paid by article views, mate. As if it were relevant in the first place.

      If you have such a problem with what we're producing, leave. It'd save me the trouble of permabanning you from the comments, to be honest.

        I like this site, you just write terrible articles, as most of the commenters point out in nearly all of them, you are too smug to take notice though and take the criticism on board. Why ban me? because I point out the truth and you don't like it? just look at your NBN mourning article if you want me to be proved correct.

          Cool. Don't read my work then. Simple as that. Enjoy a Luke Hopewell-free feed of Gizmodo Australia, or just don't read it at all. Either way, you're a spiteful human being who I never want to hear from again.

          Last warning. One more disparaging remark or negative comment about a site you pay literally nothing to come to and enjoy and I ban you. I have had it.

            When did I say anything bad about this site?

              a cursory look at your comment history over the allure sites sheds some light!

      I am actually very interested in this topic. Found it very interesting and also led me to his twitter page to see his article about it all.

      So I say that Luke should keep up the good work.

    What is he, an eight-year-old? By that logic, isn't that two elections favoring the Labor plan over the Coalition (hung Parliament on the second one, but they just topped the popular vote), and one favoring the Coalition over Labor? If that's his view, it reflects one of the biggest issues in public policy - plans aren't any good over more than 2.5 years.

    NBN was the key issue for Malcolm, not for Tony, his campaign team and the Australian public.
    Does anyone remember how much time was dedicated to NBN policy in the live debates? (Not a lot, I'm guessing)

    The Liberal strategy was to announce the policy to there isn't a policy gap, and then don't mention it again. It worked, because it never became a primary issue in the campaign of either side.

    Hopefully, when Malcolm finally gets his hand on the portfolio, the public servants push his decision in favour of a FTTP policy.

    if the election was about the NBN, Labour would have won in a land slide.

    edit: malcolm turnball responded to the issue on his blog.

    Last edited 12/09/13 10:46 pm

      If they'd had half a chance to explain it properly. The Murdoch press/TV didn't let them, and to be slightly fairer, the Labor party wasn't that good at promoting their superior policy.

      Wow, the comments on his blog are so ridiculously sensible, I didn't expect that. Also have a look at the upvotes vs downvotes of the pro FTTP comments.

      I particularly like the jibe:

      For those who don't have time to read our policy (but time to sign an online petition) ...

      This from the guy who admitted exactly one week ago that he hadn't bothered to read his own policy regarding Internet filtering until he was being driven to an interview about it.

      Is it a good sign that the only thing about the Internet he seems to have any decent knowledge of is how to be a troll?

      Three years of this to look forward to. Well isn't that wizard.

    Labour = Crap
    Why? The bats scheme (yes people actually died)
    Why? Reduction of the singles mothers benefit (Just disgusting, and I'm not even a single Mum)
    Why? The Carbon Tax (costly for the regular Aussie and where's it going? Where are the wind farms?)
    Why? Tony Abbott (Need I say more...Religious freak, living in another decade aka. 1950's)
    Why? NBN Solution (As a web developer I can honestly say this technology sucks)
    Why? Giving way to much power to mining companies etc (that rape our planet)

      The BaTTs scheme, people died because of shonky BUSINESS men not the Government of the day, kept the economy going and room for a web developer to work while other countries went into severe recession.

      The bats scheme? Like "We can't stop here, this is bat country"? Try reading this business spectator article and think about what you've said.
      Single mothers benefit? I totally agree with you.
      The carbon tax? Well, if you want to reduce carbon dioxide production, then putting a price on carbon dioxide production makes sense. With compensation, many Australians were better off with the carbon tax - particularly low income earners. Where are the wind farms? Good question, ask the LNP and Victorian state government.

      The sex party is a half-cocked libertarian party, but at least it didn't have profoundly stupid senate preferences.

      People dying installing batts was not the fault of Labor policy but that of incompetent employers.
      Bad spelling is not sexy.

      Labour? What is Labour?

      I should stop here. As your first line discredits you from anything that follows.

      Batts is not ALP's fault - at all.
      Carbon tax is working as intended with little side effects.

      With Tony removing all these taxes, what do you think he is going to do to replace the income? He is going to increase other taxes...

    Regarding the percentage of votes ALP beats Liberal every time.

    Every Coalition Government has by definition been a "Minority" Government governing with the support of the National party, not so different from our last more honest government.

    OH!! did not Mr Abbot say he would never enter into a minority Government??

    Well, like a sleezy salesman, Malcolm has succeeded in selling a crock to gullible people. Same goes with their direction action policy. This is going to be the most hated government ever.

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