Make Your Own LED Shoes That Light Up When You Walk

Look. Your adult self is pretty much a failure to your eight-year-old childhood self. You don’t buy toys for yourself anymore. You don’t remember the last time you gorged out in the confectionary aisle. You try to eat healthy.

You talk about things like politics and the economy and lumbar support. You basically lost everything you enjoyed doing as a child. So do yourself a favour and remember the good times by creating your own LED shoes that light up when you walk.

Few things make people happier than seeing light up shoes in stride. Adafruit has come up with a way to easily convert any pair of shoes you have to light up with a NeoPixel strip and FLORA. Basically, you’re making a velostat step sensor in the heel pop colours on your feet. So worth it.

Full instructions from Becky Stern and Phillip Burgess here. [Adafruit via Laughing Squid]