LG's Curved OLED Will Cost You $11,999

It seems that if you want an OLED TV in Australia, you're looking at a hefty price point. Samsung's OLED is on sale now for $10,999, and LG's OLED, which goes on sale in mid-September will cost a grand more.

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LG's also announced pricing today for its 55 inch and 65 inch UHDTVs, which will sell for a rather more moderate $4,999 and $7,499 respectively, also from mid-month.

The short amount of hands-on time I've had with LG's Curved OLED impressed me from a visual fidelity viewpoint, but then again so did Samsung's offering. I suspect it'll be a while before you see both side to side on store shelves.

Then again, quickly checking my wallet suggests that I'm a little short of the asking price anyway. Anybody got a spare $11,996.45 they don't need?

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    Your Samsung article says $10,999, not $11,999. One of them must be incorrect.

      No, that would be me. Today is *not* my day for typos. Story now amended. I'm off to bang my head against a desk.

    I'm still confused?

    The title says $11,999.
    The articles first hyperlink is $10,999 and the last line of the article is $11,996.45..
    The price in the linked article is also $10,999

      There was an early error in the pricing of the Samsung panel (which is $10,999). All other references are to the TV in the story, which is LG's $11,999 Curved OLED TV. Clear now?

    Not so long ago, we were applauding the death of curved screens when flat panels came out...

    $11999... or $3000 in another year or so...


    I don't need a curve TV to play Halo 5, a big flat LED screen under $500 will do just fine.

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