Is This The New Head Of NBN Co?

Is This The New Head Of NBN Co?

It’s pretty clear that incoming Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull hated the old guard at the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co). Turnbull called out now ex-head Mike Quigley, and vowed to replace him once the Coalition came into office. Now the names are being thrown around for the new CEO, one of which should be quite familiar: meet the former head of Telstra, Ziggy Switkowski.

Image: Mark Nolan

Malcolm Turnbull won’t confirm or deny the appointment of Ziggy to head of the NBN Co, saying that the decision would have to left up to a future Cabinet Minister. While it’s highly likely Turnbull will take the Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy portfolio, it’s inappropriate to assume such things until the Leader officially bestows the role upon you.

Turnbull went on to sing the praises of Ziggy in an interview with the ABC this morning:

It’s not the first time Ziggy’s name has been flagged. He is obviously highly qualified and most people would regard him as an eminently suitable person but no decision has been taken by a Coalition government because we haven’t been sworn in yet.

Turnbull confirmed in the interview, however, that he would commission an audit into NBN Co, adding that he wouldn’t rule out a “judicial inquiry”.

Who do you think should head NBN Co?