Iran Hacked US Navy Computers

Iran Hacked US Navy Computers

US officials have revealed that Iran has hacked US Navy computers. According to the WSJ, the Iranian hackers were able to tap into a “network that is used for e-mail and the service’s internal intranet.”

The network is unclassified and US officials don’t currently believe that the hackers were able to obtain any information of “significant value” but these continuous hackings show how contentious US and Iran relations have become. If you remember, Iran had previously hacked oil, gas and power companies while the US of course launched Stuxnet on Iran.

The Navy has upgraded its security system to help prevent from future attacks but not before Iran dabbled inside. The WSJ reports:

The system penetrated, the Navy Marine Corps Internet, makes up the majority of the Navy’s unclassified computer system and contains the email accounts for officials as senior as the secretary of the Navy, the chief of naval operations and commandant of the Marine Corps.

Apparently, no top email accounts were compromised but officials said that hackers had power to change the configuration of the network. What’s funny is that Iran’s hacking of the Navy used less sophisticated methods (than the military’s network security is used to) to hack into the network. It’s like building a giant wall but forgetting to lock the door. [WSJ]

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