iPhone 5s: Who Has The Best Deal In Australia?

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have all outed their pricing for the iPhone 5s now, so it's time to get into the nitty gritty: who has the cheapest iPhone 5s in Australia, and who has the best overall deal?

It's worth mentioning before we kick off that the cheapest and the best deal are two different things. While you can play lowest dollar value with a lot of carriers, you'll often be getting yourself into a bad deal if you're a medium to heavy user.


We covered off earlier in the week that the latest crop of iPhones on plans are more expensive that iPhones ever have been before, so cheap in this context won't exactly mean inexpensive.

The base, 16GB iPhone 5s will always be the cheapest, so just assume we're always talking about that one from here on in. You can click on the full price guides below to look in more detail about the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5s.


The new iPhone 5s comes on Telstra’s Every Day Connect Plans, starting from a minimum of $78 per month on a 24 month plan for the 16GB model.

Broken down, that $78 per month works out as $60 for the plan and an extra $18 per month in handset repayments for the 16GB iPhone 5s on a 24-month contract. That plan gets you $600 in calls, unlimited SMS, MMS, 1GB of data on a 24 month contract.


You can get the iPhone 5s on an Optus contract starting on the $35 MyPlan for an additional $27 per month for the 16GB iPhone 5s. That $27 is after the $5 handset credit included on the $35 MyPlan offering. That plan also includes 200 minutes of calls, 200MB of data and unlimited standard SMS and MMS.

So the cheapest you’ll be able to nab an iPhone 5s for on Optus will be $62 per month.


The cheapest you'll get away with an iPhone 5s on Vodafone for is $72 per month. That gets you the $65 Red plan and the handset for an additional $7 per month.

The $65 Red plan includes infinite standard minutes in Australia, infinite national and international text messages, infinite voicemail and 1.5GB of data on a 24 month contract.


If you want to get an iPhone 5s for the cheapest possible monthly repayment on an Australian carrier, you're looking at the $35 Optus MyPlan with a $27 handset repayment for the 16GB iPhone 5s.

Like we said earlier, however, there's better value to be had within these plans.

Best Value

Of the cheap plans we've listed here, the award for best value plan for medium users (that's who these plans are mostly for), to Vodafone Australia!

Vodafone's $65 Red plan includes more data than Telstra on a great 4G network and offers you unlimited calls and unlimited international text messaging to your international mates, too. Plus it has Red roaming which means you can visit selected other countries with your phone and pay no more than $5 per day.


Angus over at Lifehacker has taken a broader look at the iPhone 5s and 5c plans with his Planhacker column, and found that Vodafone also has great value, but you need to check if the coverage is available in your area on the coverage maps, while adding that it doesn't make much sense buying the 5c on contract due to the high-cost of Aussie plans.

Check out Lifehacker's Planhacker column for a more detailed analysis.

Which deal appeals to you?



    Keep in mind that Vodafone's Red plans may or may not be the best deal. If you make a lot of international calls, they hurt. $60 non-Red for me, le sigh.

    it doesn’t make much sense buying the 5c on contract due to the high-cost of Aussie plans.

    I live in Japan and pay 6,755 yen ($72) which includes phone repayments, 7GB of unshaped data with tethering and it doesn't include any calls. Emails are used domestically instead of SMS. So if I make calls, the cost will go up. Did I mention that the salaries here (if you're not a manager or higher) aren't great?

      I would assume that everyone uses data calling services such as skype, viber, IMs etc??

    Looking at Vodafone's 4G coverage and it's pretty dismal compared to Telstra and even Optus.

    While Telstra are still well and truly leading the way with 4G coverage, Optus are catching up. So although Vodafone's plans may represent the best value, it comes at the cost of sacrificing 4G coverage.

    Personally, I'd rather go Aldi Mobile and buy the phone outright than lock into a plan with Vodafone. You can buy the iPhone off Apple's site 12 months interest free as well.

    'The cheapest you’ll get away with an iPhone 5s on Vodafone for is $72 per month.'

    Incorrect. The cheapest you can get an iPhone 5s on Vodafone is $51 per month, on its $30 plan.

    optus alas is still the best for me as they are offering me an extra 500mb to stay with them so i pretty much will be paying the same for the phone as i did when i got the 4s 2 years ago.

      I hope Telstra can find it in them to offer the phones on similar prices/plans as the 4S to keep their customers, as it's not looking good. I pay $72 a month for the 64GB 4S with $550 of calls/MMS, unlimited SMS and 1.5GB of data (which is the sweet spot for me as I usually use between 1.2 and 1.3 each month). For the 64GB 5S on a plan with 1.5GB data I'd be paying $101 per month... Not happening. Even for the 32GB model I'd be paying $92 per month.

        In the same boat and completely agree. Hoping when iphone 6 comes along telstra ups their game.

    The Optus pricing looks pretty decent.. I wonder if the carriers will drop prices after a couple of months as they usually do?... I think I will stick with my iPhone 5. It's basically a new phone with iOS7 on there now anyway! :D

    "Vodafone". "Great 4G network".

    Hahahaha. Respect for Gizmodo dropping rapidly.

      You obviously haven't used voda lately, I just joined them last month and they are way faster than telstras overhyped and congested network, they have 4g everywhere in the western suburbs of sydney

        Nope incorrect Vodafone is the worst of all the network!! Its cheaper than other carrier but you cannot get a full coverage!!

    Put it in a table for crying out loud

    Pricing isn't going to do you much good when you have crappy data speeds and no coverage.

      Correct Mendoza i have a cheap plan with my 4s with voda paying $59 a month 32gb with 2gb data but not getting my money's worth browsing is always a hassel when im in the train thanks god i will be finish my contract this coming december

    I read a discussion in a forum, it said an existing telstra customer can get a mobile and phone plan with Telstra $60 plan plus $5 for iphone, It is worth to check them out if you are Telstra customer.

      Hi cool kev i called Telstra and they dont have that kind of plan

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