Intel's Bay Trail Could Put It Back In The Tablet Race

Most of the tablets that you get excited about run ARM processors, putting Intel in the curious position of being the underdog in the tablet space, continually updating its Atom processors as it goes. The latest iteration, Bay Trail is looking particularly good.

Intel Engineer Francois Piednoël tweeted the following late last week

#baytrail is about to change the game in #tablet , there are plenty more surprises to come, Process tech is key...

Bold words, but he also accompanied it with this snapshot.

The Z3770 isn't a current generation ("Clover Trail") processor, and this result runs rings around what you'd get out of Clover Trail, being roughly three times faster. If Intel can crack the combination of low power usage but high processor utility, it could put ARM on serious notice.

[Twitter via Liliputing]

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