Infinity Blade Developer: The Power Of The iPhone 5s ‘Was Shocking To Me’

Infinity Blade Developer: The Power Of The iPhone 5s ‘Was Shocking To Me’
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The previously bulletproof branding of the iPhone seems to be under assault at the moment: people are complaining about the design, the OS and — in general — it feels like more and more people are thinking about switching to Android phones. But, in terms of raw technology, just how grand a leap is the iPhone 5s? According to Donald Mustard, the creator of goto mobile gaming powerhouse Infinity Blade, the jump is massive.

“I’m not going to mince words here,” he told Polygon. “It was very shocking to me.”

According to Donald, he and his team threw everything at the new Infinity Blade — anti aliasing, bloom effects, the whole gamut — and the iPhone 5s took everything in its stride despite the fact that one of the characters had four times the polygon count of any character they had ever worked with, including characters in Gears of War.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he said. “I’m holding this device they’ve handed us. I’m, like, looking for extra wires or something. I couldn’t believe that it was real.”

Obviously Donald Mustard has an interest in talking up the iPhone 5s and, by extension, Infinity Blade 3, but it is a testament to just how fast technology is moving that a game like Infinity Blade 3 can exist on mobile phones. When you combine this tech with iOS 7’s controller support, Apple could really begin to push the gaming side of the iPhone more than before. That’s an exciting prospect.

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Originally published on Kotaku Australia