India Wants The Next Version Of Android To Be Ladoo

Not the very next version — that's KitKat — but having failed to convince Google that they should instead name it Kaju Katli, a group of Indian Android enthusiasts want the next version to be Android Ladoo.

For those who don't know (I was amongst your number until I looked it up), Ladoo is a flour and sugar sweet Indian treat.

Does the plan have much hope? It's hard to say. On the one hand, Key Lime Pie apparently got the axe because few people knew what it tasted like in the US; it's likely that Ladoo's regional status might see it dismissed the same way. On the other hand, the population of India isn't exactly small — that's a lot of potential Android buyers that Google might just want to snap up.

[ via The Next Web]



    Damn indians always wanting everything to sound and or smell of poo.

      Hey giz, how does the above racist comment not get flagged?!

      Last edited 10/09/13 8:43 am

      Go and crawl back in your cave before the sun hits ya Jo

    India can get stuffed with their requests. Name the next version after me - kryzzay

    Why not TimTam... Since they're awesome.

    and here i was thinking Lamington was ridiculously region specific, i definitely think ill throw my hat in either the Lollipop or licorice camps

    They should call it Laxative. Because it'll be so good you'll shit yourself.

    I could get behind that. I think it's obscurity is a plus actually, it's a fun sounding word for a sweet and it forces some people to google what it actually is. I'd also like 'lemon drop' just cause i like sour stuff

    yeah if they had second thoughts about naming it after key lime pie because not everyone had tasted it good luck with ladoo

      That's what got me about it, they could have made the key lime pie popular purely because people would have looked it up, wondered what it tasted like and made one. Instead they make it sound like something not only common as mud but at least looking like corporate sponsorship (even if its not)

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