Iconic Joy Division Designer Peter Saville Is ‘Rebranding’ Kanye West

Iconic Joy Division Designer Peter Saville Is ‘Rebranding’ Kanye West

Legendary designer Peter Saville gave a design voice to bands like Joy Division and New Order. And now he’s making his first foray into hip-hop by designing a whole “visual identity” for Kanye West. Which is the most Kanye West thing ever.

Saville is the perfect person to take on this task. He’s spent the past four decades working with creative, often erratic musicians — and his cover art has always been legendary. It also seems like a good fit, considering that he explains the project in the vaguest terms possible.

He told Dezeen:

We’re looking at ways of writing ‘Kanye West. What does ‘Kanye’ and ‘Kanye West’ look like written down?

It wouldn’t be surprising if Kanye had said that exact same thing before. Keeping with the mythology of Kanye, Saville noted that the project is not to design a specific logo or look or anything, but that it’s open-ended and casual. Saville is known for his work with Factory records, and his resume includes ’80s artists like OMD, Roxy Music, Brian Eno and David Byrne. You can see some examples of his work below.

There’s no way to know what will become of this Kanye/Saville plan, which makes it even more fun. Maybe it has something to do with Yeezy’s creative agency, DONDA. Saville is leaving it delightfully ambiguous — but knowing Kanye’s past design dalliances, we count on it being delightfully insane too. [Dezeen]

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