How To Make Your Own Awesome Inception-Style Room For $350

With its $US160 million budget, Inception‘s special effects — the floating hallway scene in particular — are pretty damn impressive. But take away the funds, the crew, the computers and what do you have left? Videographer Justin Fredrick Clark’s very own (and equally incredible) gravity-defying room — which he built entirely from scratch.

With just $US350 and an admittedly badass workshop, Clark and a few buddies got together to make his miniature Inception vision a reality. What’s more, they went in without any plan whatsoever. According to Clark’s description, the crew “literally made it up as [they] built it.” And the whole thing — from start to tear down — took no more than a week.

Clark was even nice enough to film the entire construction process, so we can watch as they rig up forklifts, install lighting, and set their model spinning. The whole video goes on a bit long, but trust us — it’s worth it. [ISO 1200 via PetaPixel]