How The iPhone 5s Stacks Up Against Its Biggest Competitors

How The iPhone 5s Stacks Up Against Its Biggest Competitors

As always happens, people were already lining up for Apple’s newest iteration of its flagship phone even before we had any real idea what they were even in line for. But now that the iPhone 5s is here, speculation is over and we can actually see whether or not all that camping out was worth it. Here’s how the 5s stacks up to the smartphone market’s top dogs.

Storage capacity isn’t anything special, but with Apple trying to shove everyone off to the cloud, it’s really no surprise that there’s not a lot of change there. And while we’ll have to wait and see how Apple’s custom A7 processor compares to the Snapdragons and Qualcomms we see everywhere else, judging from past processor updates, this baby’s going to be razor fast. Plus, the M7 coprocessor should be giving it a major boost.

Of course, with a killer processor comes an unfortunate reality — battery life. Because what’s the point of a powerful phone that you can’t even turn on? We’ve seen a mild improvement in this newest iPhone iteration, but going off how fast we’ve seen iPhone 5 batteries dying, it’s not quite enough to make a real difference.

Apple seems to be waiting a long, long time to jump on that NFC train, so hopefully we’ll see it the next time around. For now it seems to be one of the only things holding it back.

And we’ve said it before, but it’s important to remember that specs don’t tell the whole story. The Moto X, for example, has been criticised for its less-than-stellar numbers lineup, but it’s an undeniably fantastic phone when put to actual use. The numbers can give us an idea of some things, but we’ll have to wait until we’re holding that champagne-coloured beauty in our hands before the real judgements can start being made.