How Nokia Employees Are Reacting To The Microsoft Takeover

How Nokia Employees Are Reacting To The Microsoft Takeover

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are mixed feelings among Nokia employees — current and old — about the news that the phone manufacturer has been taken over by Microsoft.

They vary from positive to negative, but are all being voiced loudly on Twitter. Largely, plenty of people are emotional:

I have teary eyes #nextchapter
— Pino at HERE (@haikus) September 3, 2013

Trying to comprehend this mornings news, the mixed emotions running through my head as well as the various conspiracy theories over the yrs
— Damian Dinning (@PhoneDaz) September 3, 2013

Regardless of whether this MSFT move is for the best, it’s an extremely emotional time for all of us at Nokia.
— John Kneeland (@SirKneeland) September 3, 2013

Though there’s some anger floating around, too:

Let#s #elop that company! Elop = hostile takeover of a company for a minimum price through CEO infiltration. #Nokia #Microsoft
— Alexander Oswald (@_alexoswald) September 3, 2013

And more than a hint of scepticism:

If I was an institutional investor, I’d want to see every email Elop made over the past several years.
— Russell Beattie (@RussB) September 3, 2013

Trojan? Secret Plan A? Don’t think so. Rather a self-fulfilling Plan B
— Juha-Pekka Sipponen (@jpzip) September 3, 2013

But perhaps the best reaction is the realisation that the purchase is plain obvious:

Well Microsoft, you just bought the coolest fucking brand to ever exist. I don’t blame you.
— Phil Schwarzmann (@PhilSchwarzmann) September 3, 2013

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