Giving A Stranger A Free iPhone 5s Is A Pretty Nice Thing To Do

For most people, buying a new phone takes a bit of thinking. Do I want to spend several hundred bucks? Am I going to wait in line? Which phone do I even want? But this lucky guy didn't even have to think. He was gifted a brand new iPhone 5S because he just so happened to have "the worst phone" in the city.

Unbox Therapy went around Toronto asking to see people's phones so they could find out what the worst phone in the city was. Predictably, there were a lot of people with iPhones, Samsung phones and Nexus phones. Others had cheapo touchscreen phones, but the "winner" of the worst phone went to a guy who was using a Nokia E5. Not a great phone in 2013, but it certainly can't possibly be the worst. Someone had to have had a flip phone! [Unbox Therapy]

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