Everyone On The NBN Co Board Reportedly Just Resigned

Everyone On The NBN Co Board Reportedly Just Resigned

The long-awaited changing of the guard finally seems to be happening at the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) this morning if reports are to be believed: the whole board seems to be resigning.

The Board, according to a report in the SMH, the entire board, including chair Siobhan McKenna, has offered their resignations to the incoming Coalition government.

The resignations have reportedly been submitted to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who will consider them with his Cabinet colleagues at a meeting next month.

The move to resign, if accurate, isn’t exactly surprising.

NBN Co’s existing board has been the at the pointy end of a shouty Turnbull more than a few times over the last four years, with allegations ranging from blowing out the cost of the NBN and delaying its deployment. Considering that Turnbull has promised three separate audits and “a forensic investigation” around the conduct of NBN Co in the last four years, so keeping the board on to face the music doesn’t exactly scream ‘impartial review’.

The new government will soon being ushering in a change in the deployment of the National Broadband Network from a more-expensive fibre-to-the-home plan to a new fibre-to-the-node scheme that would see fibre rolled out to boxes (or nodes) on street corners, with the so-called “last mile” between the node and the home set to be delivered by the ageing copper network.

The man predicted to sweep in and take the job of chairing the new-look NBN Co is a former head of Telstra by the name of Ziggy Switkowski.

Former Communications Minister and nominee for Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese is none too impressed by the reports.