Everyone On The NBN Co Board Reportedly Just Resigned

The long-awaited changing of the guard finally seems to be happening at the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) this morning if reports are to be believed: the whole board seems to be resigning.

The Board, according to a report in the SMH, the entire board, including chair Siobhan McKenna, has offered their resignations to the incoming Coalition government.

The resignations have reportedly been submitted to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who will consider them with his Cabinet colleagues at a meeting next month.

The move to resign, if accurate, isn't exactly surprising.

NBN Co's existing board has been the at the pointy end of a shouty Turnbull more than a few times over the last four years, with allegations ranging from blowing out the cost of the NBN and delaying its deployment. Considering that Turnbull has promised three separate audits and "a forensic investigation" around the conduct of NBN Co in the last four years, so keeping the board on to face the music doesn't exactly scream 'impartial review'.

The new government will soon being ushering in a change in the deployment of the National Broadband Network from a more-expensive fibre-to-the-home plan to a new fibre-to-the-node scheme that would see fibre rolled out to boxes (or nodes) on street corners, with the so-called "last mile" between the node and the home set to be delivered by the ageing copper network.

The man predicted to sweep in and take the job of chairing the new-look NBN Co is a former head of Telstra by the name of Ziggy Switkowski.

Former Communications Minister and nominee for Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese is none too impressed by the reports.




    Three reviews of the management but none of the copper network that the LNP plan relies on.

    Ziggy!!! NBN is doomed for sure now....

      He took it all too far
      But boy, could he play guitar

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    Would you rather jump or be pushed?

      Pretty much. Life wouldnt been too pleasant for the board members under Turnbull.

      pushed....jumping causes too much hesitation

    While it will make no difference to the Liberal stooges, it's a good symbolic gesture that reinforces the message these luddite clowns are a joke.

    This is great for Tony Abbott and the liberals - it's an early christmas present that couldn't have happened at a better time for the liberals.

    Now Tony can do whatever he wants with the NBN, getting in as many pro-copper and pro "let the market decide what will be built where" people as possible to run it.

    It's not good for the rest of us of course, and i'm surprised the liberals will want anything to do with Ziggy after he started a war with the then liberal federal government around 12 years ago over fixed line broadband.

    Actually I take that back - this news is great for anyone living within about 20 kilometres of a CBD, where high density will ensure you get the best broadband from a multitude of different providers.

    So what about the rest of us just going about our day in the outer suburbs? I hope you like whatever internet you have now because nothing will change anytime soon, especially as these outer suburban electorates tend to be heavily safe labour seats.

    Sigh* I guess I'll just have to sit around with my 3MB connection for now

      ur not the only 1 buddy + million dropout a sec

      3MB/s? unless that's upstream it's hardly worth the boast

        He's not boasting... He's genuinely dissapointed

    I don't know about anyone else, but the thing that really pisses me off is the sheer, utter arrogance of Turnbull and the rest. Tony Abbott said the purpose of the opposition is to oppose; and that's exactly what they did. No matter what. Whatever Labor said, the Libs automatically opposed, just because Labor said it. Like stupid, immature little school kids.
    The entire IT industry wants the NBN! I've read articles and comments by countless experts and insiders from the telecommunications scene, who all say the NBN is a good thing. It's what Australia needs. It's unanimous.
    They also unanimously condemn the pathetic Liberal alternative that Turnbull wants to fob us off with.
    But despite all this, Malcom Turnbull gets up with his smarmy, smug smirk, and arrogantly says that he knows better. The expertise of the entire IT industry DOESN'T MATTER!!! He knows best! He knows better than all of us! He is the mighty Malcom Turnbull!! Liberal Superhero!! He doesn't need to listen to us ignorant peasants! We are beneath him!
    It's easy to see why so many people consider him to be an arrogant, egotistical elitist prick. While he denies the vast majority of Australians the internet speed that they deserve, he, his family, and his North Shore buddies are no doubt enjoying the fastest, top of the line service that money can buy. Of course; nothing but the best for the Turnbull household.

      When I first moved to Australia -- from the USA -- I'd heard that "whenever America sneezes, Australia catches a cold". But I had NO idea it could take this long for Australia to come down with the "George 'Duby' Bush" and "Dick 'Darth' Cheney" flu! You Australians just elected the Downunder Dubya. How sad for your country, and for the hope of any progress among 'the plebes' (the rich and the corporations will do just fine).

        Hope you don't mind but I'm going to use "Downunder Dubya" from now on.

      I have no idea what your talking about. Didn't you know he invented the internet? Tony Abbott said so, it must be true!

    I'd prefer the deployment of the NBN continue as it was with the previous government... Why would you want to investigate something when costs and time blow out? It's no big deal, it's only our taxpayer money right????

    This Fascist move was obvious, LNP gifting billions of tax payer funded network to the corporate monopoly.

      Both NBN's plans were fascist...

    3MB? You've got it good. Struggling to get 1.5MB/s over here, while one suburb over the NBN is (was?) being connected.

      If I get 1MB/s I call the kids "Quick! Check it out! We're getting 1024kb/s!"

        I used to be happy getting 160kb/s.

          I think some of you are getting your bits (b) and bytes (B) confused.

      I get 9mb/s+
      FTTN ... before politicians canned THAT roll-out to replace it with an OOZE out.

    What a surprise! :P Just as I predicted. The Liberals handing it over to Telstra.

    Malcolm Turnbull used to be a politician I respected. Now I have come to realise he is a vengeful cunt just like the rest of them.

    Last edited 23/09/13 1:21 pm

    A big difference to being on the board for something which will push the country into the future, even if it has cost blowouts, to having your name attached to a piece of crap stopgap measure which will be looked at as a waste in 10 years time and need to be upgraded again.

    Usually, I like to bring a bit of intellectual discussion to the comments section. But today, I just want to say

    Slam your body down and ziggy-zig ahhh!

    Just needed to get it out of my system

    "No! God! No, God, please no! No! No! Noooooooooo!"
    - Michael Scott

    Actually... I really don't get it. NBN had the potential to become the new Telstra. ie. Another government owned asset to be sold off. I thought the Lib's loved that stuff.

      That would mean admitting that Labor had the good idea before they did.

    Clearly Malcolm Turnbull should take up every position in NBNCo as nobody else can match his expertise in the field.

    Look at all the little gamers and pirates, so righteous and up-in-arms. Yes, yes you all deserve the best in the world. Delivery efficiency and cost to the public be damned, you deserve all the fibers to all the premises. Because you're Australians and by golly don't you deserve everything.
    I don't want to pay for your stupid, inefficient, poorly planned and accounted NBN. I don't care if you can't win Starcraft against Koreans. You and the whole socialist establishment think that money is free and public works cost you nothing. You're the same rabble who complain when taxes go up and your dole cheque doesn't pay the bills anymore. I'm ashamed to share the same dirt under my feet with people who think like you.

      Yeah, medicine and education? Who cares about stuff like that it's all just an evil socialist communist ploy to steal our money and give it to gay unwed couples to have more abortions! Oh the inhumanity!
      Seriously go back to the last century where idiotic drivel like that belongs.

        There's nothing free. Every deficit dollar spent lowers the value of your savings. I'll need it explained how that's a good thing.

          Because the money will need to be spent at some point. Not just for me to game, but because the internet is now almost as important as water and electricity. No-one thinks it's free, but it's not like we have to pay extra taxes or anything to fund it.
          And doll check? I'm a Marine Biologist, and have a bachelors degree in IT. Insults just make your comment seem irrelevant, and make you look twelve.

          Last edited 26/09/13 9:47 pm

      "Delivery efficiency and cost to the public be damned"

      The private sector in Australia doen't exactly shower itself in glory here either. The BER overspending - that was due to inefficiencies (or frauds) of private companies. Private hospitals? Not so good: http://www.pc.gov.au/projects/study/hospitals/report/media-release. Private energy companies? Not great either: http://www.pc.gov.au/projects/inquiry/energy/docs/finalreport. Small business in general? Not so great either: http://www.pc.gov.au/research/staff-research/bfacaap

      The cost to the public of the NBN was the interest repayments between now and the end of the decade: http://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BN/2011-2012/NBNBudgetStatements#_Toc314147475. Given that the Abbott Government has - after years of complaining about it - adopted the same funding model, I'm not sure what you're arguing for here.

      "You're the same rabble who complain when taxes go up"

      I pay extra tax

      "your dole cheque doesn't pay the bills anymore"

      I was on the dole for 8 weeks in between a nervous breakdown and getting a new job, but I managed to get the bills paid.

      "I'm ashamed to share the same dirt under my feet with people who think like you"

      So there is a common ground, eh?

        Too much info. Hope you're feeling better.

      Its a little more along the lines of if you're going to spend any amount of money at all it should be on the right (future-proof) tech and infrastructure. Not spend 2/3 of what you were going to spend that is obsolete before it's completed. I'd rather they don't spend that 2/3s then and put it towards PUBLIC education and PUBLIC health care.

      Either way I saw it coming and am building in an area where fibre was being laid in January 2012, so by the time we're finished building it should be switched on hopefully. Building contract signed in June with fibre as our connection.

      This is one so-called "socialist" that did well out of all your uppity taxes. Cheers bud!

      EDIT: Actually in response to @tron and his very angry post not "@grummm_didley"

      Last edited 24/09/13 12:35 pm

        Congrats ;)

          You are a mindless dickhead who can't think. Australia NEEDS the NBN just to compete wit manufacturing countries like China and India

      @tron, you ought to take a wider look at the topic and do your research as to whom else is calling for the better NBN solution as started by the ALP. I'm a tax paying non-gamer, a digital producer with blue chip clients, a commercial photographer and also about to do an online video project to raise funds for services to returned servicemen and the LNP version of the NBN is going to obsolete well before it's complete. The costings for it are a farce, and the upkeep of the crap copper lines will blow that out to obscene levels. So you can stick your claims of lefty leanings where it stinks.

        I agree - Its not the gamers that need NBN it is essential for commercial businesses large, small and one-man bands to have a chance to compete with overseas companies. Why invest in Australia with a decrepit communications system and put up with the high cost of wages etc.
        Now we have the misogynistic political party in power with ONLY ONE female participant and Abbott head of the Women's Affairs - That would be about right! Abbott and women's affairs!
        Turnbull just killed the NBN and put Australia back into the stone age of 1901

    It's okay we all make mistakes.

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