Cramming Into A Tiny House May Not Be So Bad

Cramming Into A Tiny House May Not Be So Bad

Between crippling recessions and human environmental impact things have gotten complicated, and frankly kind of negative. That may be why the small house movement is so appealing. Downsizing everything means less stuff to buy and maintain. Minimize harm and maximise good vibes.

The Tiny Life blog made this infographic to show the advantages of going small at home. For example, more than two thirds of tiny house owners are mortgage-free compared with less than one third of regular homebuyers.

Tiny house dwellers are also more likely to have a masters degree and less credit card debt. This probably has to do with which sectors of society have been first to embrace the movement, perhaps for ideological reasons more than financial necessity. But everyone should be able to get on board with houses that cost 10 times less on average to build.

Just make sure everyone actually fits in the house. [Daily Infographic via Tiny Life]

Cramming Into A Tiny House May Not Be So Bad


    Tiny houses are good but you need a large garage. Second thought, just give me a large garage and I'll sleep in there.

      Ive tried to sell this idea to my partner...she isnt going for it :(

        Sell the idea to a strange girl in a bar, then tell your wife all about it. You shouldn't have any problems getting her to let you sleep in the garage after that!

      It'll have to be a not-so-large garage to be a 'tiny house' - the average 186 sq ft they quote is about 17 sq m which is roughly a standard car parking space.
      For other comparisons; a double bed is about 2.6 sq m and a jail cell about 4.5.

      It's a noble ambition to reduce conspicuous consumption but I doubt I'd be able to do it - could be a little too close to 2m tall for this to not be cramped.

    We certainly don't need 15ft ceilings.. 5ft ceilings is a bit of overkill. The heating/cooling costs would be MUCH lower if the ceiling was lower in the average sized room. 8 to 9 ft should be plenty for most people. There are certain requirements for some families to have 3 bedroom houses, such as if they have one (or more) boys and one (or more girls) as children.. they need to have separate bedrooms.. and so on and so forth.

    Sure, the cost to build one of these tiny-houses is something to think about.. but so is the standard of living.. it's like going back a few hundred years in civilisation development.

      15 foot cieling can provide enough space for a loft bed though, increasing the available floor space and the feeling of spaciousness generally in the room.

        My point is that many people have 15ft ceilings with no loft.. it's a waste of space.

    $272,000 for the cost of a standard house in the US? Man, I wish it was even double that here. Fuck Sydney housing prices, and fuck people who think shelter is an investment.

      Apparently I missed the word 'only' there. I'm saying house prices in Sydney are too high. Even if they were 'only' double the standard US price that would still be an improvement.

    Tiny Houses - George Orwell's 1984 comes to mind. They all lived in "tiny houses" too.

    Things I require in a home: Place to sleep (doesn't need to be fancy, I just want to sleep there.), place to be entertained (PC / TV, can be in same place), place to perform ablutions, place to prepare food.

    Cram all those in to as tiny a functional space as you want, I'll be perfectly happy. Case in point, my apartment is 57m^2, suits me to a T... though it is still 3 "Tiny Houses" from the chart. :p

    Can't see anything in this infographic about kids. If people in tiny houses don't have kids, the rest all makes sense.

    for those like me who had nfi what the 'tiny house movement' is, even after reading this article, watch this:

      try this youtube channel - kristen has done a bunch of videos on the tiny house movement in north america and spain

    I am looking for a trailer at the moment the build a "tiny house" on. I am hoping to build a 7' x 18' house with loft. These are so awesome.

      where do you live? does it have the same minimum square footage for a room to be qualified to live in, as places like california have (120 sq ft minimum)? do you really need a trailer i suppose is my point - to me it seems like it complicates things :)

        register as an caravan or RV shouldn't be a prob. I live in Australia, so I want to take it to the beach over summer.

          me too - i live in sydney. wondering what the longest non specialty (8 wheel) trailer you can feasibly use if you dont have something like a nissan patrol or larger to tow it. also height restrictions might play a part.

            Allowable trailer dimensions are available from VicRoads for Vic. Up to 4m high I believe. I will only move it twice a year, so I'm happy to pay a mate to drag it around for me.

    hahah tiny houses and house party do not seem to mix well. I really don't want to hear the neighbour's latest episode of a fight let alone soap op.

    Edit: Spelling error.

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