Here, Choose Your Own Breaking Bad Adventure

So Breaking Bad's Walter White has made some questionable decisions over the course of his journey from a nobody chemistry teacher to expert meth cook. Would you have embarked on the same path as Walt, or could you see another way to get things done with less unpleasantness?

I guess a bunch of Choose Your Own Adventure books based on the series would help you find out.

If only they were real. That hasn't stopped artist Jon Defreest from throwing together three imaginary covers, highlighting the more prominent events from the television series. You can see one of the books above; who wouldn't want to be a kingpin?

Even if these books did somehow exist, I doubt you could put them in the kids section of your local library... staff members wouldn't want to have to field questions about blue glass from impressionable and information-hungry children.

Have a look at the other two mock-ups over at Vulture. Be warned, you could consider them slight spoilers.


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